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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Hughes feel when he arrived in Harlem for the first time?
(a) Happy and excited.
(b) Nervous and uncertain.
(c) Lost and confused.
(d) Frightened and regretful.

2. What was Hughes's job on the ship across the ocean?
(a) He was a janitor.
(b) He was a mess boy.
(c) He was an oarsman.
(d) He was a police officer.

3. Why did Hughes agree to go to Mexico after his high school graduation and meet his father?
(a) He thought his father might pay for college.
(b) He thought his father would stop sending money if he did not.
(c) He wanted to learn about ranching.
(d) He mised his father.

4. How much a night was the first room Hughes stayed in Paris?
(a) Fifty cents a night.
(b) Five dollars a night.
(c) Two dollars a night.
(d) One dollar a night.

5. Where did Hughes find a job when he returned to New York?
(a) Working on a ship bound for Constantinople and Odessa.
(b) Working on a ship bound for Bali.
(c) Working on a ship bound for China.
(d) Working on a ship bound for Africa.

Short Answer Questions

1. What neighborhood in Paris did Hughes walk through to look for a job and a place to live?

2. Where did Hughes meet Frau Schultz?

3. Where was Hughes when he was refused service at the train station soda fountain?

4. How old was Hughes when he sailed away from America?

5. What did Hughes's ship bring to Africa?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Hughes begin writing poetry? Did he like writing poetry? What was his style of poetry?

2. Where did Hughes find a more permanent job in Paris? What were his initial job duties? What important new perk did this job offer him?

3. What happened when Hughes picked up Jocko from the pet shop in New York? How did he raise the money to get home?

4. What were some of the sights and sounds Hughes witnessed upon entering New York waters? How did he react to them?

5. After leaving college, what jobs did Hughes try to get? What job did he end up getting?

6. How long did it take Hughes to find work in Paris? What job did he finally get? What was his pay?

7. What happened to Hughes when he, his mother, and his grandmother went to Mexico? Why did they go there, and when did they return?

8. What were the three tragedies Hughes described happening in the village before his departure back to the states?

9. Why did Hughes throw all of his books overboard while traveling to Africa? What did this act symbolize?

10. What was Hughes's life like during his senior year in high school, which was also the end of the war?

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