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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In whose honor was the first burial at sea Hughes participated in?
(a) His friend Francis Carco.
(b) His roomate George.
(c) The Chief Steward.
(d) The Chief Engineer of his ship.

2. How much a night was the first room Hughes stayed in Paris?
(a) Fifty cents a night.
(b) One dollar a night.
(c) Five dollars a night.
(d) Two dollars a night.

3. What was in the third box Nagary showed to Hughes and Pey the evening they spent in Burutu?
(a) Ivory bracelets, tusks, and figures.
(b) British and French notes and currency.
(c) Silks, satins, and dyed cottons.
(d) Gold jewelry, diamonds, and ivory.

4. What did Hughes's mother do after he left home to return to New York?
(a) She sold Jocko to a pet store in Pittsburgh.
(b) She sent Jocko back to Africa on the S.S. Malone.
(c) She sent Jocko to Hughes' father in Mexico.
(d) She let Kit keep Jocko as his pet.

5. How did Hughes get the money for the pullman car from Washington to McKeesport?
(a) He sold a pair of his suit pants.
(b) He pawned his watch.
(c) He sold beads and trinkets from Africa.
(d) He sold Jocko to the shopkeeper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hughes consider the "greatest Negro city in the world?"

2. Where did Hughes find a job when he returned to New York?

3. How did Hughes obtain a sleeping car in San Antonio on his way to Cleveland?

4. What happened to the monkey cage the sailors built on the S.S. Malone?

5. What did the sailors do on the first day out of the harbor on the way to Africa?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Hughes throw all of his books overboard while traveling to Africa? What did this act symbolize?

2. Who did Hughes stand in line to see at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York? What did he think of the performance?

3. Where did Hughes find a more permanent job in Paris? What were his initial job duties? What important new perk did this job offer him?

4. What were the contents of the one box Hughes brought with him on the ship? What was he thinking about as he threw the contents of the box off of the S.S. Malone into the ocean?

5. What was Hughes's life like during his senior year in high school, which was also the end of the war?

6. Who was Frau Schultz? What role did she play in Hughes's life?

7. How did Hughes meet someone in Paris who helped him find a place to stay, and who was the person? What was the surprise Hughes found when he went up to his room?

8. What happened to Hughes when he, his mother, and his grandmother went to Mexico? Why did they go there, and when did they return?

9. While sailing along the African shore, what did the crew do from port to port? What did Hughes realize about the black Africans?

10. Who was Edward? How did Hughes meet him?

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