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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Hughes write his first novel?
(a) During the summer of his sophomore year at Yale.
(b) During the summer of his junior year at Columbia.
(c) During the summer of his senior year at Howard.
(d) During the summer of his junior year at Lincoln.

2. Where did Hughes attend college at the height of the Negro Renaissance?
(a) Columbia University.
(b) Lincoln Universtiy.
(c) New Yor University.
(d) Howard University.

3. To whom did Hughes give copies of his poetry after he won the poetry prize?
(a) James Dickenson.
(b) George Emerson.
(c) Carl Van Vechten.
(d) Alfred Locke.

4. What was the name of the poem that won Hughes his first poetry prize?
(a) "The Black Man's Blues."
(b) "The Weary Blues."
(c) "The Blues Woman."
(d) "The Black Walking Stick."

5. At Hughes's college, what was the racial makeup of the faculty?
(a) Mixed ethnicities.
(b) All black.
(c) All white.
(d) Half white and half black.

6. How did Hughes describe the cockroaches in New Orleans?
(a) They were loud and some of them flew through the air.
(b) They were the size of Buicks.
(c) They were the size of mice.
(d) They were small but noisy.

7. What was "Fire?"
(a) A magazine started by John Davis to expose new black writers.
(b) A book written by Wallace Thurman.
(c) A "Quarterly for Negro Intellectuals" first published in 1927.
(d) A "Negro Quarterly of the Arts" published by Hughes and other influential blacks.

8. How was Hughes initiated into his fraternity?
(a) He was dressed liek a girl and paraded through campus.
(b) He was forced to drink a twelve-pack.
(c) With paddling so severe he could barely walk for a week.
(d) His head was shaved with an "H" in his hair.

9. What job did Hughes finally find once he moved to Washington D.C,?
(a) He worked as a messenger for the newspaper.
(b) He worked as an editor at a publishing house.
(c) He worked for a wet wash laundry.
(d) He worked as a page at the Library of Congress.

10. Where did Hughes meet Vachel Lindsay?
(a) At a formal reception for a local black poet.
(b) At a NAACP function.
(c) At the Wardman Park Hotel.
(d) On Seventh Street.

11. Why did Hughes want to return to college?
(a) To become part of Washington black society.
(b) To get a better job at the Library of Congress.
(c) To get a better background for writing.
(d) To earn more money.

12. What was one hazing experience Hughes related in his discussion of college?
(a) Book carrying.
(b) Naked partying.
(c) Paddling.
(d) Head dunking.

13. In his anecdote about the strawberry greens at dinner, what had the other diners done with the green stems?
(a) No one else had teh green stems on their strawberries.
(b) No one else had strawberries except Hughes.
(c) Others had eaten the stems with their ice cream.
(d) Others had simply left the stems on their plates.

14. What college did Hughes cite as having an all-black faculty?
(a) Grandlock.
(b) Tuskegee.
(c) Fisk.
(d) Urbana.

15. What happened to Hughes to make it possible for him to write "Not Without Laughter?"
(a) A grant from the NAACVP.
(b) The financial support of his patron.
(c) Fudnign from the Urban Leaugue.
(d) He received a large royalty check for some of his poems.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did people do on Seventh Street in Washington in 1924?

2. Who was the first company to publish a book of Hughes's poetry?

3. What was Troutbeck?

4. What did an elderly graduate of Lincoln who had read Hughes's survey say to Hughes at his graduation?

5. What did Hughes do with the twenty dollars he received from Crisis for his story?

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