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Rick Riordan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who, according to this story, is Harriet Tubman's father?
(a) Poseidon.
(b) Hermes.
(c) Ares.
(d) Loki.

2. What does Rachel stand up and shout while she, Percy, and Annabeth are talking about the quest?
(a) Percy and Annabeth are crazy.
(b) She will not go into the Labyrinth.
(c) Percy and Annabeth are half Greek god.
(d) She's being robbed.

3. What is written on the badge worn by the Sphinx?
(a) This monster has been rated exemplary.
(b) This side up.
(c) I like goats.
(d) Got demigods?

4. What is coming from the wounds all over Daedalus' body when Percy and the others are about to fly away?
(a) Blood.
(b) Sand.
(c) Silver water.
(d) Golden oil.

5. What does Perdix say could be the key to making a body that looks human but is better?
(a) Intelligence.
(b) Magic and mechanics.
(c) Computers.
(d) Water from the fountain of youth.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Calypso say Percy has been with her?

2. What time of day does Hephaestus say is a good time for making decisions?

3. What is the news Chiron has about Quintus?

4. What does Grover say will happen to him as soon as he goes back to Camp?

5. What is written on the apron Geryon is wearing when Percy arrives at the ranch house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Daedalus (Quintus) say he remains buried deep in the Labyrinth?

2. What is Rachel doing when Percy and Annabeth meet up with her in Times Square? Briefly describe the first few minutes of that first meeting.

3. How does Rachel find another entrance to the Labyrinth?

4. What does Percy say to the flesh-eating horses at the beginning of Chapter 9? What is their reaction?

5. Why does the group decide to split up after their visit with Hephaestus? Where are each of them going?

6. What is the brand on Quintus' neck and why does he have it?

7. What is the plan Perdix has that uses mechanics and magic? How does he convince Daedalus it will work?

8. What is the challenge Minos offers in an effort to find Daedalus? How does Daedalus meet that challenge?

9. What is the problem Percy encounters when he's trying to kill Geryon? How does he finally over this problem?

10. How does Daedalus kill Perdix?

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