The Battle of the Labyrinth Fun Activities

Rick Riordan
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Sculpt It

Have students create a sculpture of any god or demigod from the book.


Create a word search or crossword puzzle using an online program. Have students solve the puzzles. As an alternative, have students create the puzzles.

Create a Diorama

Have students create a diorama from any scene in the book. Consider calling in a "judge" to choose the best.

Put on a Play

Break students into groups and assign each group a scene from the story to act out. As an alternative, assign parts and act out a larger section of the book for the class.

Who Am I?

Assign one student an "identity" of any character from the book. Have the other students in the room ask questions that can be answered only as "yes" or "no." For example, a student might ask, "Are you a demigod?" As soon as students believe they...

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