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Suzanne Weyn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mfumbe earn enough to feed himself?
(a) He grows his own food.
(b) He barters with others.
(c) He works a farmer's field.
(d) He works at the local gathering place.

2. What does Kayla see on the television when she goes into a diner?
(a) An announcement that Congress has outlawed cloning.
(b) A news story about some cloned twins.
(c) The President making an announcement.
(d) A bulletin about the search for Zekeal.

3. What does Katie say runs in her family?
(a) Self-determination.
(b) Rebelliousness.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Mental illness.

4. Why does Kayla awaken suddenly from sleeping in the car?
(a) Tova falls asleep and runs off the road.
(b) Tova is having a heart attack and Mava is screaming.
(c) Mava is speaking French to a Canadian Mountie.
(d) Tova crashes through the tollgate.

5. What wakes Kayla in the middle of the night?
(a) The sound of a coyote howling.
(b) The sound of a bear growling.
(c) A vision of her mother telling Kayla that Ashley is alive.
(d) A vision of Eutonah summoning her.

6. Why are the authorities searching for Kayla?
(a) To force her to have a tattoo.
(b) To make her have genetic testing.
(c) To question her about Ashley's death.
(d) To put her in foster care now that she's an orphan.

7. Into what does Tova crash the car?
(a) A ditch.
(b) A tree.
(c) A barrier.
(d) A pond.

8. Who arrives when Kayla is talking to Zekeal?
(a) Amber.
(b) Nedra.
(c) August.
(d) No one.

9. Why does the other patient in Kayla's hospital room fall to the floor?
(a) She does not fall; she is pushed to the floor.
(b) The woman begins having convulsions.
(c) The woman stands up too fast.
(d) The woman trips over a cart a nurse left in the room.

10. Why is Kayla hesitant about taking Mava's suggestion?
(a) Kayla does not want to desert Tova and Mava.
(b) Kayla does not know if she cares anymore.
(c) Kayla is afraid of bringing the police down on Tova and Mava's daughter.
(d) Kayla is in a lot of pain.

11. What does Nedra say on television about Kayla?
(a) Kayla threatened to kill Nedra.
(b) Kayla would not hurt a mosquito.
(c) Kayla was distraught about her father and said she and her mother were going to follow him.
(d) Kayla threatened to burn down her house and kill her mother.

12. Where do Mfumbe and Kayla end up?
(a) Back at the cabin.
(b) Near the Adirondacks.
(c) At another resistance group's area.
(d) In another area of the woods.

13. Where was August working after high school?
(a) A nuclear weapons plant.
(b) A nuclear power plant.
(c) A marine biology lab.
(d) A biotech plant.

14. What do Mfumbe and Kayla discuss concerning the effects of cloning and genetic coding?
(a) How it is of dubious morality.
(b) How it affects evolution.
(c) How it enriches the already wealthy.
(d) How its effects may not be seen for generations.

15. What does Nedra wish she had taken seriously?
(a) The stand taken by Tattoo Gen.
(b) Kayla's despondency.
(c) Kayla's supposed threats.
(d) The efforts of the rebellion to implicate Nedra.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Kayla finally fall asleep?

2. According to August, who is Eutonah?

3. How does Katie know Kayla is over seventeen years of age?

4. What happens as Mfumbe is being arrested?

5. In which direction is the truck traveling?

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