The Bar Code Tattoo Short Essay - Answer Key

Suzanne Weyn
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1. What does Kayla learn from the guidance counselor about the art school she wants to attend?

Kayla Reed is at school with her guidance counselor. She has just learned that she isn't likely to qualify for a scholarship to an art school because her computer grades are too low.

2. What does Kayla ask the guidance counselor concerning his tattoo, and what is his reply?

Kayla asks the counselor if he's felt concern over the tattoo that she sees on his wrist. He seems perplexed, saying the tattoo is a matter of convenience. Every student is supposed to get the tattoo on their seventeenth birthday.

3. What does Kayla do after leaving the guidance counselor's office, and who wants to help her?

When Kayla leaves the counselor's office, she sits down in the stairwell and cries. She's there when Mfumbe Taylor drops a book that almost hits her. He sees she's been crying and asks if she's all right.

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