The Bar Code Tattoo Character Descriptions

Suzanne Weyn
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Kayla Reed

As the story opens, this sixteen year-old character has just learned that a scholarship to an art school has been denied.

Mfumbe Taylor

This character has been offered a scholarship to Yale. However, admission to the college and a scholarship are dependent upon getting a tattoo.


This character pretends to be a member of the resistance in order to gain the trust of students including Kayla.


This character believes the time in the mountains has been spent well because they have grown stronger.

Nedra Harris

This character goes on television advocating tattoos and telling lies about Kayla.


Kayla sees this character in several visions.

Ashley Reed

This character is a nurse who has been bar coded before the book opens.

Amber Thorn

This character is forced to move to Nevada to live with a relative.

Tova Alan

This character is an old man...

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