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Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Violet give for not being able to marry?

2. What is it that prevents Sunny from crying out a warning to Violet?

3. Who comes by and tells the children they look wonderful after they are in their outfits?

4. What is it that makes Violet try the grappling hook even after she has been injured?

5. What does Klaus rip a paper into pieces for while he reads?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Count Olaf compares the children to a stubborn mule in Chapter 8?

2. Describe what makes Violet's plan risky and dangerous.

3. What is Justice Strauss' response when Violet and Klaus ask her if she is excited about being in Olaf's play in Chapter 7?

4. What does the narrator tell the audience that they would find in his room as he describes it in Chapter 11?

5. How does Klaus' all night reading in Chapter 8 compare to how he used to stay up all night reading when his parents were alive?

6. How does Klaus describe Olaf's plans as he has discovered them in Chapter 8?

7. What is it that Violet's parents told her when they brought both Klaus, and later, Sunny, home from the hospital?

8. What are the costumes that Klaus and Violet are put into for 'The Marvelous Marriage'?

9. What is Justice Strauss' reaction when she sees the children before they go on in Chapter 12?

10. Describe the play as Klaus recounts it in chapter twelve while he is watching Count Olaf's performance.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is the symbol of an eye chosen to be used in Count Olaf's house and on his ankle? What does this image convey to the children? To the reader?

Essay Topic 2

1) What is significant about Mr. Poe's coughing fits? What feeling or thought is the author trying to impart to the reader by giving Mr. Poe these coughing fits?

2) What does it further say about Mr. Poe when the children go to see him at the bank?

Essay Topic 3

The Poe children are quite upset at sharing their room with the Baudelaire orphans. Is their reaction to having the Baudelaire children understandable? Realistic?

What does it say about the Poe children that they treat the Baudelaire's in such a manner? What does it say about the Poe parents?

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