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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stands beside Klaus for the duration of the play?
(a) The bald headed man
(b) The hook-handed man
(c) Justice Strauss
(d) The white faced ladies

2. Who stops to talk to the children and warns them that Sunny is still in danger?
(a) The bald headed man
(b) The hook-handed man
(c) Count Olaf
(d) The white faced ladies

3. What does Mr. Poe tell the children before they go onstage?
(a) Break a leg
(b) Have fun
(c) Don't be nervous
(d) They look great

4. What does Klaus think of while Violet is signing the document?
(a) His parent's death
(b) Sunny dangling from the tower
(c) The hook-handed man killing him
(d) Violet forced to live with Olaf

5. What does the hook-handed man call Violet when he tells Count Olaf what she had tried to do?
(a) Ball and Chain
(b) Money Honey
(c) Blushing Bride
(d) Stinking Orphan

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Count Olaf say he has put in the tower staircase to keep the kids from getting ideas?

2. Klaus says that Count Olaf's plan wouldn't work if he and Violet were what?

3. What reason does Violet give for not being able to marry?

4. Why did Klaus choose not to tell Violet that he had smuggled a book out of the library?

5. What does Violet realize about Count Olaf that makes him even worse than before?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Count Olaf says and Violet thinks when he is asking her if it would be so bad being married to him in Chapter 8?

2. Describe the play as Klaus recounts it in chapter twelve while he is watching Count Olaf's performance.

3. Describe the grappling hook that Violet creates to attempt a rescue in Chapter 8.

4. What are the costumes that Klaus and Violet are put into for 'The Marvelous Marriage'?

5. How is the tower described in Chapter 11?

6. Describe the scene in Chapter 8 where Count Olaf walks the children out to see where Sunny is being held.

7. What is Justice Strauss' reaction when she sees the children before they go on in Chapter 12?

8. What is it that Violet's parents told her when they brought both Klaus, and later, Sunny, home from the hospital?

9. What does the hook-handed man tell Klaus in Chapter 7 that frightens Klaus?

10. What is Count Olaf's response in Chapter 8 when Klaus calls him a terrible man?

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