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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Violet and Klaus tell Justice Strauss to do during the play to make it more fun?
(a) To sing the lines
(b) To interupt the wedding and announce her love for the groom
(c) To suddenly fall and pretend to faint
(d) Change her lines around on stage

2. What does Count Olaf 'innocently' suggest that Violet and Klaus do if they want to see something unusual?
(a) Go to the tower
(b) Call the hook-handed man
(c) Follow him to the back yard
(d) Read the paper

3. What does Count Olaf say is a reason that he wouldn't want to marry Violet?
(a) Count Olaf is too old for Violet
(b) Violet is below his station
(c) Count Olaf can have any number of pretty women
(d) Count Olaf is already married

4. What reason does Violet give for not being able to marry?
(a) She hasn't given consent
(b) She is only fourteen
(c) She isn't ready
(d) She hasn't had a blood test

5. Who stops to talk to the children and warns them that Sunny is still in danger?
(a) The white faced ladies
(b) The hook-handed man
(c) Count Olaf
(d) The bald headed man

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Klaus tell Justice Strauss to make sure Sunny doesn't eat?

2. Why did Klaus choose not to tell Violet that he had smuggled a book out of the library?

3. What does Violet use to make a bandage for the wound inflicted by the grappling hook's failed attempt?

4. What does Mr. Poe tell the children before they go onstage?

5. What does the hook-handed man call Violet when he tells Count Olaf what she had tried to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the play as Klaus recounts it in chapter twelve while he is watching Count Olaf's performance.

2. What does Violet find when she reaches the top of the tower and has climbed her grappling hook?

3. What is Count Olaf's response when Klaus reveals he has discovered Olaf's plan?

4. What is Justice Strauss' reaction when she sees the children before they go on in Chapter 12?

5. While Violet and Klaus are trying to think of a way to get out of the tower in Chapter 11 what things do they discuss but don't offer any help?

6. Describe how Count Olaf compares the children to a stubborn mule in Chapter 8?

7. Describe the grappling hook that Violet creates to attempt a rescue in Chapter 8.

8. What does Klaus do as the hook-handed man leaves the library to fetch Violet and Sunny in Chapter 7?

9. How does Klaus describe Olaf's plans as he has discovered them in Chapter 8?

10. What are the costumes that Klaus and Violet are put into for 'The Marvelous Marriage'?

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