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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet use to make a bandage for the wound inflicted by the grappling hook's failed attempt?
(a) Piece of the grappling hook rope
(b) One of Count Olaf's shirts
(c) Sleeve of her nightgown
(d) Tape

2. What explanation does Klaus give to Justice Strauss for why they are reading her large law books?
(a) They want to get away from Olaf
(b) They have been watching Court T.V.
(c) They are considering a career in law
(d) They want to get to their family's money sooner

3. What does Violet do that causes her to begin thinking as she walks down the stairs with Olaf to the play?
(a) Stops herself from falling with her right hand
(b) Puts her hair back
(c) Sneezes and catches it with her right hand
(d) Holds Klaus' hand with her left hand

4. Why doesn't Violet tell Klaus about her plan?
(a) She is worried he might get hurt
(b) She thinks he might try it without her
(c) She is worried that Count Olaf might find out
(d) Doesn't want to give him false hope

5. What does the hook-handed man tell Violet to do when he hoists her up into the room?
(a) Go back to bed
(b) Put on the hand cuffs
(c) Wait for Count Olaf
(d) Have a seat

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Klaus say was unique about the Macbeth play that was put according to the law book he had been reading?

2. What does Violet see still laying on the ground untouched when they follow Count Olaf outside?

3. What does Justice Strauss suggest that Sunny do while Violet and Klaus go through the law books?

4. What does Count Olaf compare the children to?

5. What does Klaus say is the name of the book that he has been up all night reading?

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