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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason is explained to Klaus for the reason that Klaus has been allowed to live?
(a) Count Olaf doesn't yet have his money
(b) Count Olaf is curious about Klaus
(c) Justice Strauss has been watching
(d) Mr. Poe is keeping too close an eye on them

2. What does Violet realize about Count Olaf that makes him even worse than before?
(a) He is willing to do anything to get what he wants
(b) He is smart
(c) He doesn't care about the children
(d) He is a member of the police force

3. Who stops to talk to the children and warns them that Sunny is still in danger?
(a) The bald headed man
(b) The hook-handed man
(c) Count Olaf
(d) The white faced ladies

4. What does the hook-handed man call Violet when he tells Count Olaf what she had tried to do?
(a) Stinking Orphan
(b) Blushing Bride
(c) Money Honey
(d) Ball and Chain

5. What is Violet's real reason for wanting to come and see Sunny?
(a) Casing the joint
(b) Kill the guards
(c) Steal the key
(d) See how far it is to the ground from the tower

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Count Olaf say he has put in the tower staircase to keep the kids from getting ideas?

2. What is Klaus' costume for the play?

3. Klaus says that Count Olaf's plan wouldn't work if he and Violet were what?

4. Why doesn't Violet tell Klaus about her plan?

5. What does the hook-handed man threaten to do if there is any 'monkey business'?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Klaus do as the hook-handed man leaves the library to fetch Violet and Sunny in Chapter 7?

2. How is the tower described in Chapter 11?

3. Describe the play as Klaus recounts it in chapter twelve while he is watching Count Olaf's performance.

4. How does Klaus' all night reading in Chapter 8 compare to how he used to stay up all night reading when his parents were alive?

5. What are the costumes that Klaus and Violet are put into for 'The Marvelous Marriage'?

6. Describe what makes Violet's plan risky and dangerous.

7. What is described as the difference between the reasons that the Baudelaire children read the books and the reasons that lawyers read law books in Chapter 7?

8. What is it that Violet's parents told her when they brought both Klaus, and later, Sunny, home from the hospital?

9. Describe the scene where Violet is walking down the stairs to do the play, The Marvelous Marriage, in Chapter 11.

10. Describe the grappling hook that Violet creates to attempt a rescue in Chapter 8.

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