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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of knot does Violet use to tie the strips of cloth together?
(a) Slip Knot
(b) Butterfly Knot
(c) Poop Knot
(d) Devil's Tongue

2. What does Violet find that Count Olaf is pointing at?
(a) The top of the tree
(b) The children's window
(c) The tower
(d) Justice Strauss' house

3. How does Violet sleep that night?
(a) Fitfully
(b) Like a log
(c) Very little
(d) Deeply

4. What is Justice Strauss carrying that she is to use on stage?
(a) A box to stand on
(b) A justice's wig
(c) A large feather quill
(d) A real law book

5. When does the hook-handed man say that Klaus might be allowed back in the library?
(a) After the play
(b) When pigs fly
(c) After supper
(d) The next day

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Violet and Klaus tell Justice Strauss to do during the play to make it more fun?

2. What is Klaus' costume for the play?

3. What type of book is it that the narrator explains practically no one likes to read about?

4. Who stands beside Klaus for the duration of the play?

5. Who comes to get Klaus and calls him home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the grappling hook that Violet creates to attempt a rescue in Chapter 8.

2. What is described as the difference between the reasons that the Baudelaire children read the books and the reasons that lawyers read law books in Chapter 7?

3. What is Count Olaf's response in Chapter 8 when Klaus calls him a terrible man?

4. Describe how Count Olaf compares the children to a stubborn mule in Chapter 8?

5. Describe the play as Klaus recounts it in chapter twelve while he is watching Count Olaf's performance.

6. What does Klaus do as the hook-handed man leaves the library to fetch Violet and Sunny in Chapter 7?

7. What is Justice Strauss' response when Violet and Klaus ask her if she is excited about being in Olaf's play in Chapter 7?

8. What is Count Olaf's response when Klaus reveals he has discovered Olaf's plan?

9. How does Klaus describe Olaf's plans as he has discovered them in Chapter 8?

10. Describe what Count Olaf says and Violet thinks when he is asking her if it would be so bad being married to him in Chapter 8?

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