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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the notes that Count Olaf leaves the children what does he put at the bottom instead of his name?
(a) An eye
(b) An X
(c) Master Olaf
(d) Uncle Olaf

2. What did the children buy for dessert for Count Olaf and the troupe?
(a) Ice Cream
(b) Cake
(c) Pudding
(d) Pie

3. What does Mr. Poe say must happen before the Baudelaire money can be used?
(a) Klaus must marry
(b) Sunny must turn 21
(c) The children must die
(d) Violet must come of age

4. Who did the Baudelaire children have to share a room with in the Poe house?
(a) Mr. Poe's pet snake
(b) Mr. Poe's two sons
(c) Mr. Poe's mother
(d) Mr. Poe's dogs

5. Why does Mr. Poe say that the Baudelaires' parents most likely never invited Count Olaf over?
(a) They hated dinner parties
(b) Their parents wanted to keep him a surprise
(c) Count Olaf was busy
(d) Count Olaf was excentric

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sunny do when Count Olaf picks her up?

2. What is noticed about the figure approaching the children before it gets to them?

3. What does Sunny do to Justice Strauss?

4. Who do the children see coming towards them?

5. What does Olaf say he is doing when the theater troupe arrives?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 3 after Klaus and Violet think about their parents what does Klaus suddenly begin yelling?

2. What is Violet's initial response to playing Count Olaf's bride in Chapter 6?

3. What does the bald man do before he joins Olaf and the others in the dinning room?

4. What does Violet mean when she says that Mr. Poe was like the executioner in Chapter 1?

5. What is Count Olaf's reaction upon learning they are not having roast beef?

6. Describe how the story of the Baudelaire children is introduced.

7. What is Edgar and Albert's response when Mr. Poe tells the Baudelaire children that they are leaving the next day?

8. What does Mr. Poe explain will happen to the children now that their parents are dead?

9. What does Violet suggest they do in Chapter 5 while they are chopping wood? What is Klaus' reaction?

10. What does a normal day entail for the children at Count Olaf's house as described early on in Chapter 3?

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