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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet suggest that Count Olaf might be trying to prove in order to get at the children's money?
(a) That he is worthy of the vast fortune
(b) That they are insane
(c) That they are sick
(d) That the family owed him money

2. What does Violet use to make a bandage for the wound inflicted by the grappling hook's failed attempt?
(a) Tape
(b) Sleeve of her nightgown
(c) One of Count Olaf's shirts
(d) Piece of the grappling hook rope

3. What does Justice Strauss suggest that Sunny do while Violet and Klaus go through the law books?
(a) Find some toys to bite
(b) Garden with her
(c) Go swing
(d) Take a nap

4. Why did Klaus choose not to tell Violet that he had smuggled a book out of the library?
(a) He was afraid she would make him put it back
(b) They didn't have a chance to talk in private
(c) He didn't want to give her false hope
(d) He didn't want her to get in trouble

5. How does Violet sleep that night?
(a) Deeply
(b) Like a log
(c) Fitfully
(d) Very little

6. Violet says she could make Molotov cocktails if she had what ingredient?
(a) Kerosene
(b) C-4
(c) Gasoline
(d) Oil

7. What does Count Olaf compare the children to?
(a) Lame horse
(b) Stray dog
(c) Stubborn mule
(d) Stubborn pig

8. What does the hook-handed man threaten to do if there is any 'monkey business'?
(a) Dangle them out the window also
(b) Put them out with the garbage
(c) Give them the hook
(d) Monkey around with them

9. When does the hook-handed man say that Klaus might be allowed back in the library?
(a) After the play
(b) The next day
(c) After supper
(d) When pigs fly

10. What does Violet find that Count Olaf is pointing at?
(a) Justice Strauss' house
(b) The tower
(c) The top of the tree
(d) The children's window

11. What does Klaus find when he tries to uncover Sunny to wake her up?
(a) She has been drugged
(b) She is missing
(c) She is sick
(d) She has been tied up

12. What explanation does Klaus give to Justice Strauss for why they are reading her large law books?
(a) They want to get to their family's money sooner
(b) They want to get away from Olaf
(c) They have been watching Court T.V.
(d) They are considering a career in law

13. What does the hook-handed man hold in front of Klaus' face after threatening him?
(a) A glass of milk
(b) A handkerchief
(c) A knife
(d) His hooks

14. What is Justice Strauss carrying that she is to use on stage?
(a) A box to stand on
(b) A large feather quill
(c) A real law book
(d) A justice's wig

15. What does Klaus say is the name of the book that he has been up all night reading?
(a) Marriage and Matramony
(b) Prenuptsials and agreements
(c) Nuptial Law
(d) Marriage for underage orphans

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Count Olaf say that Sunny will remain until after the play?

2. What is it that prevents Sunny from crying out a warning to Violet?

3. Who do the children find standing behind them while they search for Sunny?

4. Who comes by and tells the children they look wonderful after they are in their outfits?

5. What does Count Olaf say he has put in the tower staircase to keep the kids from getting ideas?

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