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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it that prevents Sunny from crying out a warning to Violet?
(a) Tape on her mouth
(b) A bag on her head
(c) She has been drugged
(d) A gag on her mouth

2. What does Count Olaf do to Violet while talking to her?
(a) Holds her chin
(b) Slaps her
(c) Strokes her hair
(d) Spits on her

3. What does the hook-handed man call Violet when he tells Count Olaf what she had tried to do?
(a) Money Honey
(b) Ball and Chain
(c) Stinking Orphan
(d) Blushing Bride

4. Violet says she could make Molotov cocktails if she had what ingredient?
(a) C-4
(b) Gasoline
(c) Oil
(d) Kerosene

5. What does Count Olaf compare the children to?
(a) Stubborn mule
(b) Stubborn pig
(c) Stray dog
(d) Lame horse

6. What does Violet find that Count Olaf is pointing at?
(a) Justice Strauss' house
(b) The top of the tree
(c) The children's window
(d) The tower

7. Who comes by and tells the children they look wonderful after they are in their outfits?
(a) Count Olaf
(b) Justice Strauss
(c) The hook-handed man
(d) Mr. Poe

8. What is Violet's real reason for wanting to come and see Sunny?
(a) See how far it is to the ground from the tower
(b) Casing the joint
(c) Steal the key
(d) Kill the guards

9. When does Count Olaf say he will release Sunny?
(a) When Klaus is dead
(b) When Violet signs over her rights to the money
(c) After the play
(d) After he has the money

10. When does the hook-handed man say that Klaus might be allowed back in the library?
(a) When pigs fly
(b) After supper
(c) The next day
(d) After the play

11. What does Klaus say the name of the play should be changed to?
(a) The Marriage to get the Orphan's Money
(b) Dirty Old Man
(c) The Menacing Marriage
(d) The Unending Marriage

12. Klaus says that Count Olaf's plan wouldn't work if he and Violet were what?
(a) Polygamists
(b) Muslim
(c) Nudists
(d) Methodists

13. What do Violet and Klaus tell Justice Strauss to do during the play to make it more fun?
(a) To interupt the wedding and announce her love for the groom
(b) To suddenly fall and pretend to faint
(c) Change her lines around on stage
(d) To sing the lines

14. What does Klaus say is the name of the book that he has been up all night reading?
(a) Prenuptsials and agreements
(b) Nuptial Law
(c) Marriage and Matramony
(d) Marriage for underage orphans

15. What is Justice Strauss carrying that she is to use on stage?
(a) A real law book
(b) A large feather quill
(c) A justice's wig
(d) A box to stand on

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the hook-handed man tell Violet to do when he hoists her up into the room?

2. What is it that makes Violet try the grappling hook even after she has been injured?

3. What does Count Olaf 'innocently' suggest that Violet and Klaus do if they want to see something unusual?

4. What does Klaus tell Justice Strauss to make sure Sunny doesn't eat?

5. What does Violet suggest that Count Olaf might be trying to prove in order to get at the children's money?

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