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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet begin doing while they are trapped in the tower?
(a) Trying to think of an invention to help them escape
(b) Trying to find a way to contact Justice Strauss
(c) Writting her last will and testiment
(d) Looking for a way to call the police

2. What does the hook-handed man call Violet when he tells Count Olaf what she had tried to do?
(a) Money Honey
(b) Stinking Orphan
(c) Blushing Bride
(d) Ball and Chain

3. Once the invention is complete, what is it that Violet has made?
(a) A grappling hook
(b) A harpoon
(c) A pulley system
(d) A bungee

4. What does Justice Strauss suggest that Sunny do while Violet and Klaus go through the law books?
(a) Go swing
(b) Find some toys to bite
(c) Take a nap
(d) Garden with her

5. What does Klaus suggest that they do in order to stop the performance?
(a) Have stage fright
(b) Fall down and twist an ankle
(c) Be sick
(d) Become mute

6. What does Violet create using her knot-tying skills and the strips of cloth?
(a) A bed
(b) A ladder
(c) A noose
(d) A rope

7. What does Count Olaf say he has put in the tower staircase to keep the kids from getting ideas?
(a) Dogs
(b) His assistants
(c) Locks
(d) Traps

8. What reason does Violet give for not being able to marry?
(a) She hasn't had a blood test
(b) She isn't ready
(c) She is only fourteen
(d) She hasn't given consent

9. What does Violet's invention look like when she initially gets done?
(a) A hat
(b) A metal spider
(c) A clothes hanger
(d) A cat's claw

10. Why does Violet not untie Sunny immediately after the hook-handed man has left the room?
(a) Afraid of hurtintg Sunny
(b) Afraid of making Olaf even angrier
(c) She can't undo the ropes
(d) So Sunny wouldn't cry

11. What reason is explained to Klaus for the reason that Klaus has been allowed to live?
(a) Justice Strauss has been watching
(b) Count Olaf doesn't yet have his money
(c) Mr. Poe is keeping too close an eye on them
(d) Count Olaf is curious about Klaus

12. In the story that Violet found, who did a woman leave her money to instead of her three sons?
(a) A stray dog
(b) The family doctor
(c) A weasel
(d) Her cat

13. What does the hook-handed man tell Violet to do when he hoists her up into the room?
(a) Have a seat
(b) Put on the hand cuffs
(c) Go back to bed
(d) Wait for Count Olaf

14. Why did Klaus choose not to tell Violet that he had smuggled a book out of the library?
(a) They didn't have a chance to talk in private
(b) He didn't want her to get in trouble
(c) He didn't want to give her false hope
(d) He was afraid she would make him put it back

15. What does the hook-handed man pull out of his pocket?
(a) Knife
(b) Cell Phone
(c) Tape
(d) Walkie-talkie

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Klaus say was unique about the Macbeth play that was put according to the law book he had been reading?

2. What does Count Olaf compare the children to?

3. Who does Klaus say they will take what they have learned in order to get Olaf in trouble?

4. What does Violet find that Count Olaf is pointing at?

5. What is Justice Strauss called off to do?

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