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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the hook-handed man say he is going to go do?
(a) Get Klaus
(b) Take Violet to the garage
(c) Burn the grappling hook
(d) Go find some rope

2. What is it that prevents Sunny from crying out a warning to Violet?
(a) Tape on her mouth
(b) A bag on her head
(c) A gag on her mouth
(d) She has been drugged

3. Where does Violet get injured while throwing the grappling hook?
(a) Shoulder
(b) Leg
(c) Head
(d) Back

4. Who does Count Olaf find waiting for him at the breakfast table the next morning?
(a) Justice Strauss
(b) Klaus
(c) Sunny
(d) Violet

5. What does Klaus think of while Violet is signing the document?
(a) The hook-handed man killing him
(b) Sunny dangling from the tower
(c) Violet forced to live with Olaf
(d) His parent's death

6. What does Violet suggest that Count Olaf might be trying to prove in order to get at the children's money?
(a) That they are sick
(b) That he is worthy of the vast fortune
(c) That the family owed him money
(d) That they are insane

7. What does Klaus see Violet do that he hadn't seen her do in a long time?
(a) Tie up her hair
(b) Cross her arms
(c) Begin drawing an invention
(d) Whistle

8. What does Justice Strauss suggest that Sunny do while Violet and Klaus go through the law books?
(a) Find some toys to bite
(b) Garden with her
(c) Take a nap
(d) Go swing

9. What does the hook-handed man threaten to do if there is any 'monkey business'?
(a) Put them out with the garbage
(b) Dangle them out the window also
(c) Give them the hook
(d) Monkey around with them

10. What does the narrator explain is an 'incentive' to lawyers to read law books?
(a) Respect
(b) Money
(c) Job security
(d) Knowledge

11. Why doesn't Violet tell Klaus about her plan?
(a) She thinks he might try it without her
(b) She is worried he might get hurt
(c) She is worried that Count Olaf might find out
(d) Doesn't want to give him false hope

12. What does the hook-handed man pull out of his pocket?
(a) Walkie-talkie
(b) Knife
(c) Cell Phone
(d) Tape

13. Violet says she could make Molotov cocktails if she had what ingredient?
(a) Gasoline
(b) Oil
(c) C-4
(d) Kerosene

14. What does Count Olaf say he has put in the tower staircase to keep the kids from getting ideas?
(a) Locks
(b) His assistants
(c) Dogs
(d) Traps

15. What does Violet do that causes her to begin thinking as she walks down the stairs with Olaf to the play?
(a) Holds Klaus' hand with her left hand
(b) Sneezes and catches it with her right hand
(c) Puts her hair back
(d) Stops herself from falling with her right hand

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Violet's invention look like when she initially gets done?

2. What reason does Violet give for not being able to marry?

3. What does Violet claim she wants to do as the reason she wants to visit Sunny?

4. What does Klaus tell Justice Strauss to make sure Sunny doesn't eat?

5. Who do the children find standing behind them while they search for Sunny?

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