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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Klaus do when he hears Violet say 'I do' to Count Olaf?
(a) Spits
(b) Kicks the bald headed man
(c) Clenches his fists
(d) Screams

2. What explanation does Klaus give to Justice Strauss for why they are reading her large law books?
(a) They are considering a career in law
(b) They have been watching Court T.V.
(c) They want to get to their family's money sooner
(d) They want to get away from Olaf

3. What does Count Olaf say he has put in the tower staircase to keep the kids from getting ideas?
(a) His assistants
(b) Dogs
(c) Traps
(d) Locks

4. What does Violet see Sunny is held in?
(a) Bird cage
(b) Straight jacket
(c) Wooden box
(d) Dog house

5. Who does Count Olaf find waiting for him at the breakfast table the next morning?
(a) Violet
(b) Sunny
(c) Klaus
(d) Justice Strauss

6. What does Violet use to make a bandage for the wound inflicted by the grappling hook's failed attempt?
(a) One of Count Olaf's shirts
(b) Piece of the grappling hook rope
(c) Sleeve of her nightgown
(d) Tape

7. What does Count Olaf say is a reason that he wouldn't want to marry Violet?
(a) Count Olaf is already married
(b) Violet is below his station
(c) Count Olaf can have any number of pretty women
(d) Count Olaf is too old for Violet

8. What does Count Olaf do to Violet while talking to her?
(a) Spits on her
(b) Slaps her
(c) Holds her chin
(d) Strokes her hair

9. What is Justice Strauss carrying that she is to use on stage?
(a) A large feather quill
(b) A real law book
(c) A justice's wig
(d) A box to stand on

10. What reason does Violet give for not being able to marry?
(a) She is only fourteen
(b) She isn't ready
(c) She hasn't had a blood test
(d) She hasn't given consent

11. What does Violet's invention look like when she initially gets done?
(a) A hat
(b) A cat's claw
(c) A clothes hanger
(d) A metal spider

12. How does Violet sleep that night?
(a) Deeply
(b) Like a log
(c) Very little
(d) Fitfully

13. What does Count Olaf 'innocently' suggest that Violet and Klaus do if they want to see something unusual?
(a) Call the hook-handed man
(b) Follow him to the back yard
(c) Read the paper
(d) Go to the tower

14. What is Klaus' costume for the play?
(a) A policeman's uniform
(b) A sailor suit
(c) An army outfit
(d) A poilot suit

15. What does Violet begin doing while they are trapped in the tower?
(a) Trying to find a way to contact Justice Strauss
(b) Trying to think of an invention to help them escape
(c) Writting her last will and testiment
(d) Looking for a way to call the police

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Klaus choose not to tell Violet that he had smuggled a book out of the library?

2. What does Klaus find when he tries to uncover Sunny to wake her up?

3. Who comes to get Klaus and calls him home?

4. What does Violet see still laying on the ground untouched when they follow Count Olaf outside?

5. What does Klaus suggest that they do in order to stop the performance?

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