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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it that prevents Sunny from crying out a warning to Violet?
(a) A bag on her head
(b) A gag on her mouth
(c) Tape on her mouth
(d) She has been drugged

2. Why does Violet not untie Sunny immediately after the hook-handed man has left the room?
(a) So Sunny wouldn't cry
(b) Afraid of making Olaf even angrier
(c) Afraid of hurtintg Sunny
(d) She can't undo the ropes

3. What does Violet's invention look like when she initially gets done?
(a) A hat
(b) A clothes hanger
(c) A cat's claw
(d) A metal spider

4. What does Klaus think of while Violet is signing the document?
(a) The hook-handed man killing him
(b) His parent's death
(c) Violet forced to live with Olaf
(d) Sunny dangling from the tower

5. Who does Klaus say they will take what they have learned in order to get Olaf in trouble?
(a) The Police
(b) Justice Strauss
(c) Their lawyer
(d) Mr. Poe

6. What does Violet find that Count Olaf is pointing at?
(a) Justice Strauss' house
(b) The children's window
(c) The tower
(d) The top of the tree

7. What does Klaus say the name of the play should be changed to?
(a) Dirty Old Man
(b) The Unending Marriage
(c) The Marriage to get the Orphan's Money
(d) The Menacing Marriage

8. Once the invention is complete, what is it that Violet has made?
(a) A bungee
(b) A harpoon
(c) A grappling hook
(d) A pulley system

9. What does the hook-handed man pull out of his pocket?
(a) Tape
(b) Knife
(c) Cell Phone
(d) Walkie-talkie

10. Who does Count Olaf find waiting for him at the breakfast table the next morning?
(a) Violet
(b) Sunny
(c) Klaus
(d) Justice Strauss

11. What reason does Violet give for not being able to marry?
(a) She hasn't had a blood test
(b) She isn't ready
(c) She hasn't given consent
(d) She is only fourteen

12. What does Klaus find when he tries to uncover Sunny to wake her up?
(a) She has been tied up
(b) She has been drugged
(c) She is missing
(d) She is sick

13. What does the hook-handed man say the three orphans will have to do that night?
(a) Be beaten
(b) Go without supper
(c) Be locked in the tower together
(d) Be tied up

14. What does Mr. Poe tell the children before they go onstage?
(a) Have fun
(b) They look great
(c) Break a leg
(d) Don't be nervous

15. Who comes by and tells the children they look wonderful after they are in their outfits?
(a) Justice Strauss
(b) Count Olaf
(c) The hook-handed man
(d) Mr. Poe

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Klaus see Violet do that he hadn't seen her do in a long time?

2. What does Count Olaf compare the children to?

3. What does Klaus do when he hears Violet say 'I do' to Count Olaf?

4. What does Count Olaf do to Violet while talking to her?

5. What type of book is it that the narrator explains practically no one likes to read about?

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