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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet suggest they go to Justice Strauss' house for?
(a) Help
(b) For a place to sleep
(c) Books
(d) To ask her to adopt them

2. What do the children see on the wall when they step into Count Olaf's house?
(a) Stuffed lion's head
(b) Moose head
(c) A large sword
(d) A billy bass

3. What does Violet say she would want to buy if she could use her family's money?
(a) Inventing studio
(b) Library
(c) Someone to chop the wood for her
(d) Crib for Sunny

4. What has Count Olaf made for the children to eat when they awake the next morning?
(a) Oatmeal
(b) Burnt toast
(c) Pancakes
(d) Eggs

5. What does Sunny sleep on at Count Olaf's?
(a) A worn mattress
(b) A pile of curtains
(c) Dirty clothes
(d) A used crib

6. What does the man with hook hands say that you must teach children?
(a) Cook
(b) Obey their elders
(c) Listen to the parents
(d) Learn respect

7. What does Justice Strauss tell Violet they can come help her do sometime?
(a) Garden
(b) Shop
(c) Cook
(d) Clean

8. What does Count Olaf say that the theater troupe and himself should do in order to enjoy their meal?
(a) Order out
(b) Have the children cook something else
(c) Throw it out
(d) Get drunk

9. Why does Mr. Poe say that the Baudelaires' parents most likely never invited Count Olaf over?
(a) Count Olaf was excentric
(b) Their parents wanted to keep him a surprise
(c) They hated dinner parties
(d) Count Olaf was busy

10. What do the children realize Count Olaf isn't wearing?
(a) Shirt
(b) Socks
(c) Dentures
(d) Underwear

11. How long does Mr. Poe say the children have to wait to be able to use their family's money?
(a) Violet comes of age
(b) Violet gets out of college
(c) The children all have turned 21
(d) Sunny comes of age

12. Where did the children first meet Mr. Poe?
(a) Birthday party
(b) Dinner party
(c) Church
(d) Company picnic

13. What is noticed about the figure approaching the children before it gets to them?
(a) It is tall and square
(b) It limps
(c) It is tall and lean
(d) It is carrying a package

14. What does Mr. Poe do that keeps him from hearing Violet explain that Klaus has been struck by Count Olaf?
(a) Sneezes
(b) Coughs
(c) Talks at the same time she does
(d) Answers a phone

15. Where do the Baudelaire children decide the map of the city that Count Olaf had talked about must be?
(a) In Count Olaf's bedroom
(b) With Count Olaf
(c) His tower
(d) There never was one

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Violet thinking of inventing a machine to do while they are on the beach?

2. What reason does Mr. Poe give to explain Count Olaf's busy schedule?

3. Why does Mr. Poe explain the children will be going to live with Count Olaf?

4. Who does Violet say they should go see?

5. What do the children do to figuratively escape Count Olaf's home?

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