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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Poe say must happen before the Baudelaire money can be used?
(a) Sunny must turn 21
(b) Klaus must marry
(c) The children must die
(d) Violet must come of age

2. Why does Mr. Poe explain the children will be going to live with Count Olaf?
(a) Their parents mentioned him in the will
(b) Count Olaf has asked for the children
(c) He is the closest relative geographically
(d) He is the only relative to be found

3. Where do the Baudelaire children decide the map of the city that Count Olaf had talked about must be?
(a) There never was one
(b) With Count Olaf
(c) His tower
(d) In Count Olaf's bedroom

4. What does Count Olaf tell the children to do before they step inside?
(a) Take off their shoes
(b) Take off their coats
(c) Watch the steps
(d) Wipe their feet

5. Who knocks on the front door while Violet and Klaus are trying to figure out what to have for dinner?
(a) Mrs. Poe
(b) The hook-handed man
(c) Mr. Poe
(d) Justice Strauss

6. What does Violet say that they must do, quoting her father, after Klaus says he hates everything about Olaf's home?
(a) Look for the silver lining
(b) Whistle while you work
(c) Keep our chins up
(d) Have a stiff upper lip

7. What does Klaus think of being destroyed in the fire?
(a) All his things
(b) His bed
(c) His mother and father
(d) The books he hasn't yet read

8. What word does Mr. Poe explain the meaning of to the children although they already know it?
(a) Destroyed
(b) Perish
(c) Died
(d) Engulfed

9. What does Violet say she would like a book on?
(a) Running away
(b) Engineering
(c) Fairy tales
(d) Hair and make-up

10. What does Count Olaf tell the children to do if they want another bed?
(a) Use their own money to go get it
(b) Build one
(c) Find one in the trash
(d) Go sleep in the shed

11. What do the children see on the wall when they step into Count Olaf's house?
(a) Moose head
(b) A billy bass
(c) Stuffed lion's head
(d) A large sword

12. What is the only decoration in the children's room?
(a) A picture of a house burning
(b) A sculpture of an eye
(c) A painting of an eye
(d) A statue of Count Olaf

13. Who do the children see coming towards them?
(a) Their parents
(b) Count Olaf
(c) Mrs. Poe
(d) Mr. Poe

14. What does Violet suggest she can do to help with Count Olaf's play?
(a) Play a member of the audience
(b) Play music
(c) Build the set
(d) Be the prop master

15. What does Justice Strauss say she hopes the children will do soon?
(a) Come to do a dance with her
(b) Come to have tea with her
(c) Come over to borrow books
(d) Come over to help her garden

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Violet say they should go see?

2. What reason does Olaf give the children for asking Justice Strauss to play the judge in his play?

3. What do the children see on Count Olaf?

4. What does Klaus say that they must go and look for soon?

5. What do the children think the pot of bubbling sauce looks like after they have been so frightened by Count Olaf and his friends?

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