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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the children see coming towards them?
(a) Mrs. Poe
(b) Count Olaf
(c) Mr. Poe
(d) Their parents

2. Klaus is able to tell the difference between which two animals?
(a) Leapard and cheetah
(b) Black leapord and spotted leapord
(c) Lion and tiger
(d) Alligator and crocodile

3. Where do the Baudelaire children decide the map of the city that Count Olaf had talked about must be?
(a) In Count Olaf's bedroom
(b) His tower
(c) With Count Olaf
(d) There never was one

4. What does Violet do when she is thinking about inventions?
(a) Ties her hair up
(b) Sucks her thumb
(c) Puts on her glasses
(d) Chews on her bottom lip

5. Where does Mr. Poe tell the children they can contact him?
(a) His house
(b) With a phone
(c) The bank
(d) Through Count Olaf

6. When the story begins where are the Baudelaire children?
(a) Home
(b) Count Olafs
(c) Beach
(d) Visitng a friend

7. What do the children think the pot of bubbling sauce looks like after they have been so frightened by Count Olaf and his friends?
(a) Vomit
(b) Oil
(c) Blood
(d) Mud

8. What does Sunny do to Justice Strauss?
(a) Hits her with a pan
(b) Bites her hard
(c) Bites her gently
(d) Kicks her

9. What did the children buy for dessert for Count Olaf and the troupe?
(a) Ice Cream
(b) Pie
(c) Pudding
(d) Cake

10. What does Klaus think of being destroyed in the fire?
(a) All his things
(b) His bed
(c) His mother and father
(d) The books he hasn't yet read

11. What does Count Olaf say that the theater troupe and himself should do in order to enjoy their meal?
(a) Throw it out
(b) Have the children cook something else
(c) Get drunk
(d) Order out

12. What does Violet do just before she gets ready to start thinking of an invention?
(a) Starts chewing on her nails
(b) Exercises
(c) Pulls her hair back
(d) Puts on her glasses

13. What does Violet suggest she can do to help with Count Olaf's play?
(a) Build the set
(b) Play music
(c) Play a member of the audience
(d) Be the prop master

14. Who does Count Olaf say he got a phone call from?
(a) Justice Strauss
(b) Their family lawyer
(c) Mr. Poe
(d) Mrs. Poe

15. What reason does Mr. Poe give to explain Count Olaf's busy schedule?
(a) He is a traveling salesman
(b) He does charity work
(c) He just got out of jail
(d) He is an actor

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sunny do while Violet and Klaus prepare the meal?

2. What do the children put their clothes in at Count Olaf's house?

3. What is carved on Count Olaf's front door?

4. What does Count Olaf tell the children about the fruit in their bowls?

5. What do the children say that they have been unable to find in Count Olaf's home?

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