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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet call Count Olaf while trying to keep him from getting mad when she tries to refuse to take part in the play?
(a) Master
(b) Father
(c) Kind Sir
(d) Mr. Count Olaf, Lord and Master

2. What does Violet wish that she had bought at the market to put in Olaf's food?
(a) Poison
(b) A bus ticket
(c) Ex-lax
(d) Roast Beef

3. What does Justice Strauss tell Violet they can come help her do sometime?
(a) Shop
(b) Clean
(c) Cook
(d) Garden

4. What does the peep hole on Count Olaf's door look like?
(a) A tiger
(b) The theater symbol
(c) Count Olaf's face
(d) An eye

5. When does Klaus suggest they could come over?
(a) Next week
(b) Today
(c) Tomorrow
(d) That weekend

6. What does Justice Strauss do that immediately puts Violet at ease?
(a) Laughs
(b) Hugs Violet
(c) Touches Violet's hair
(d) Holds Violet's hand

7. What is the only thing that Violet says she knows how to cook?
(a) Toast
(b) Oatmeal
(c) Cereal
(d) Eggs

8. Klaus is able to tell the difference between which two animals?
(a) Leapard and cheetah
(b) Lion and tiger
(c) Black leapord and spotted leapord
(d) Alligator and crocodile

9. What does Klaus say he wished he knew more about and wants to get a book on?
(a) Adoption law
(b) Divorcing your parent/guardian
(c) How to grow tomatoes
(d) Inheritance law

10. What do the children tell Mr. Poe that Count Olaf is always asking about?
(a) Why the children smell funny
(b) Their father's will
(c) The house fire
(d) Their money

11. What does Violet say that they must do, quoting her father, after Klaus says he hates everything about Olaf's home?
(a) Have a stiff upper lip
(b) Whistle while you work
(c) Keep our chins up
(d) Look for the silver lining

12. What do the children put their clothes in at Count Olaf's house?
(a) A chair
(b) A broken dresser
(c) A refrigerator box
(d) A laundry basket

13. What do the children see on the wall when they step into Count Olaf's house?
(a) Moose head
(b) A billy bass
(c) Stuffed lion's head
(d) A large sword

14. How is the trolley described that the children are allowed to take to the beach?
(a) Old
(b) Rickety
(c) Smelly
(d) Shakey

15. What does Mr. Poe say must happen before the Baudelaire money can be used?
(a) Klaus must marry
(b) Sunny must turn 21
(c) Violet must come of age
(d) The children must die

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Justice Strauss show the children that excites them?

2. What does Count Olaf ask for when he enters the kitchen?

3. What is Violet thinking of inventing a machine to do while they are on the beach?

4. What is noticed about the figure approaching the children before it gets to them?

5. What does Violet say she would want to buy if she could use her family's money?

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