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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the children think the pot of bubbling sauce looks like after they have been so frightened by Count Olaf and his friends?
(a) Mud
(b) Vomit
(c) Blood
(d) Oil

2. What does the theater troupe do when they are ready to have dinner?
(a) Begin pounding on the table
(b) Begin stomping their feet
(c) Yelling for food
(d) Hit their cups with their knives

3. Why does Mr. Poe say that the Baudelaires' parents most likely never invited Count Olaf over?
(a) Count Olaf was busy
(b) Count Olaf was excentric
(c) They hated dinner parties
(d) Their parents wanted to keep him a surprise

4. What is the name of Count Olaf's play?
(a) Doing Away with the Orphans
(b) The Marvelous Marriage
(c) Stealing a Fortune
(d) Getting Away with Murder

5. What does Violet say she would like a book on?
(a) Running away
(b) Fairy tales
(c) Engineering
(d) Hair and make-up

6. Where do the Baudelaire children decide the map of the city that Count Olaf had talked about must be?
(a) With Count Olaf
(b) His tower
(c) In Count Olaf's bedroom
(d) There never was one

7. What is noticed about the figure approaching the children before it gets to them?
(a) It limps
(b) It is carrying a package
(c) It is tall and square
(d) It is tall and lean

8. What do the children tell Mr. Poe that Count Olaf is always asking about?
(a) Why the children smell funny
(b) Their money
(c) Their father's will
(d) The house fire

9. What does Count Olaf tell the children to do if they want another bed?
(a) Build one
(b) Find one in the trash
(c) Go sleep in the shed
(d) Use their own money to go get it

10. What does Klaus explain it is that makes the figure look frightening?
(a) Lack of light
(b) The hat it is wearing
(c) Mist
(d) Her imagination

11. What does Justice Strauss do that immediately puts Violet at ease?
(a) Hugs Violet
(b) Laughs
(c) Holds Violet's hand
(d) Touches Violet's hair

12. What does Sunny sleep on at Count Olaf's?
(a) A worn mattress
(b) A used crib
(c) A pile of curtains
(d) Dirty clothes

13. What does Sunny do while Violet and Klaus prepare the meal?
(a) Chews on a piece of garlic
(b) Bang on a pot
(c) Talks to a bug on the floor
(d) Bites the table leg

14. What is the only thing that Violet says she knows how to cook?
(a) Oatmeal
(b) Toast
(c) Cereal
(d) Eggs

15. What does Count Olaf tell the children that he wants them to do in order to feel more at home with him?
(a) Put their names on the stationary
(b) Participate in his play
(c) Come watch the play
(d) Paint thier bedrooms

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sunny do to Justice Strauss?

2. What does Count Olaf say he can barely stand to do?

3. What does Count Olaf tell the children about the fruit in their bowls?

4. What does Klaus say he would like to buy if he could use the family money?

5. What does Violet say she would want to buy if she could use her family's money?

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