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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the theater troupe do when they are ready to have dinner?
(a) Hit their cups with their knives
(b) Begin stomping their feet
(c) Begin pounding on the table
(d) Yelling for food

2. What does Violet have to drop in order to take Klaus' hand?
(a) Seashell
(b) Fish
(c) Necklace
(d) Rock

3. When the story begins where are the Baudelaire children?
(a) Visitng a friend
(b) Home
(c) Count Olafs
(d) Beach

4. What is the name of Count Olaf's play?
(a) Doing Away with the Orphans
(b) Getting Away with Murder
(c) The Marvelous Marriage
(d) Stealing a Fortune

5. Who does Violet say they should go see?
(a) The family lawyer
(b) Mrs. Poe
(c) Justice Strauss
(d) Mr. Poe

6. What do the children do to figuratively escape Count Olaf's home?
(a) Read
(b) Go to Justice Strauss' house
(c) Daydream
(d) Sleep

7. What do the children put their clothes in at Count Olaf's house?
(a) A refrigerator box
(b) A laundry basket
(c) A broken dresser
(d) A chair

8. What does Justice Strauss do that immediately puts Violet at ease?
(a) Holds Violet's hand
(b) Hugs Violet
(c) Touches Violet's hair
(d) Laughs

9. What does Justice Strauss say she hopes the children will do soon?
(a) Come to do a dance with her
(b) Come over to help her garden
(c) Come over to borrow books
(d) Come to have tea with her

10. What does Violet do just before she gets ready to start thinking of an invention?
(a) Pulls her hair back
(b) Starts chewing on her nails
(c) Puts on her glasses
(d) Exercises

11. What kind of dish do the children decide on for Count Olaf and his troop?
(a) Pork
(b) Beef
(c) Spaghetti
(d) Chicken

12. What does Violet say she would want to buy if she could use her family's money?
(a) Someone to chop the wood for her
(b) Crib for Sunny
(c) Inventing studio
(d) Library

13. On the notes that Count Olaf leaves the children what does he put at the bottom instead of his name?
(a) An eye
(b) An X
(c) Master Olaf
(d) Uncle Olaf

14. How is the trolley described that the children are allowed to take to the beach?
(a) Smelly
(b) Rickety
(c) Shakey
(d) Old

15. What does Klaus say he wished he knew more about and wants to get a book on?
(a) How to grow tomatoes
(b) Divorcing your parent/guardian
(c) Inheritance law
(d) Adoption law

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the children first meet Mr. Poe?

2. Who knocks on the front door while Violet and Klaus are trying to figure out what to have for dinner?

3. Why does Mr. Poe explain the children will be going to live with Count Olaf?

4. What do the children see on Count Olaf?

5. When does Klaus suggest they could come over?

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