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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the man with hook hands say that you must teach children?
(a) Cook
(b) Obey their elders
(c) Listen to the parents
(d) Learn respect

2. What does Violet have to drop in order to take Klaus' hand?
(a) Rock
(b) Necklace
(c) Seashell
(d) Fish

3. What does Sunny do while Violet and Klaus prepare the meal?
(a) Bites the table leg
(b) Chews on a piece of garlic
(c) Talks to a bug on the floor
(d) Bang on a pot

4. What does Klaus think of being destroyed in the fire?
(a) His bed
(b) All his things
(c) The books he hasn't yet read
(d) His mother and father

5. What does the peep hole on Count Olaf's door look like?
(a) An eye
(b) A tiger
(c) Count Olaf's face
(d) The theater symbol

Short Answer Questions

1. What is in the corner of Strauss' personal library that doesn't contain books?

2. How is the trolley described that the children are allowed to take to the beach?

3. What does Justice Strauss show the children that excites them?

4. What do the children realize Count Olaf isn't wearing?

5. When the story begins where are the Baudelaire children?

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