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Briny Beach

This place is one of the Baudelaire children's favorite places to hang out, but only when it is cloudy. On cloudy days, they have this place to themselves. This is where the children learn about the tragedy that has changed their lives.

Baudelaire Mansion

This place is briefly described as being quite grand. The children visit it after the fire and everything has been destroyed.

Mr. Poe's House

The Baudelaires briefly stay here until Mr. Poe finds them a guardian. It is described as having a strange odor, and the Baudelaires are not fond of it.

Justice Strauss' House

The children mistakenly think that this place is their new home before they are introduced to Count Olaf. This place is very beautiful and contains a garden and a large library.

Count Olaf's House

The Baudelaire children are forced to stay here once Olaf has been declared...

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