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Chapter 1

• The Baudelaire children are at the beach.

• Violet is skipping stones and the other children are playing as well.

• Mr. Poe arrives and tells them their parents have died.

• The children go home with Mr. Poe to live until he can find them somewhere else to stay.

Chapter 2

• The children return to their home to find everything has been destroyed.

• Mr. Poe tells the children he has found a place for them to live with Count Olaf.

• Count Olaf's house is decorated with an eye.

• Count Olaf becomes angry when he is told the children's money can't be touched until Violet is eighteen.

Chapter 3

• The three children must all share one room.

• The children are forced to do a long list of chores each day.

• The children are told to make dinner for Olaf's acting troupe.

• The children meet Justice Strauss and she tells them to come...

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