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Short Answer Questions

1. How many enemies did the General suspect of conspiring against him?

2. The General paid a man 200 pesos to do which of the following during his mother's procession?

3. What prompts the General to have all of Leticia's food inspected?

4. What name does Bendicion receive after the General sets up a cult in her honor?

5. How does the General learn to read?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the General's final death.

2. How does Monsignor Demetrius Aldous investigate Bendicion Alvarado for sainthood?

3. How does the General decide to restore the Church to the nation?

4. Why does the General's plan to overthrow the U.S. forces fail?

5. Describe the successful assassination attempt.

6. Describe the first assassination attempt against the General's wife and son.

7. Explain the significance of yellow fever to the General's position as president.

8. Describe the circumstances under which the General meets Leticia Nazareno.

9. Why does the General order the Church and its clergy to be expelled from the nation and how is this accomplished?

10. Describe the encounter between the General and the school girl narrator in Chapter 6.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the role of education in the novel. Is it significant that the General, despite his absolute power, is illiterate for much of his term? Is it at all significant that the General's wife is the person who teaches him to read? Why or why not? How does literacy and education surface in other ways in the novel? What might Garcia Marquez be saying about the nature or necessity of education? Be sure to support your argument with specific evidence from the text.

Essay Topic 2

In Jose Ignacio Saenz de la Barra, Garcia Marquez provides a significant foil for the General. Discuss the similarities and the contrast between these rivals for the Presidency. Some points of comparison might include each individual's use of violence or terror to control the public, the use of treachery or deceit to gain power, or the relative competence of each individual to perform the task of political leadership. Which is better suited to lead the nation? Provide evidence from the text to support your assertions.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, General Saturno Santos is referred to as "the Indian." How does Garcia Marquez treat the indigenous culture and people of "the nation"? Why is Santos consistently referred to as the Indian? How does this character reflect on the indigenous people of "the nation"? Be sure to consider the colonial history of the nation and its effect on the people.

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