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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator use to restore the look of life to the corpse?
(a) Crimson dye.
(b) Women's rouge and lipstick.
(c) Pomegranate juice.
(d) Red lacquer.

2. When the nuncio refuses to canonize Bendicion, what does the General do?
(a) He orders him set adrift for three days, then released into the path of cruiselines.
(b) He cries in disbelief.
(c) He slaps the nuncio, declares him a charlatan.
(d) He orders him executed on the spot.

3. Which character's death is described as a marker of the end of creation?
(a) Major General Rodrigo de Aguilar's.
(b) Leticia Nazareno's.
(c) Manuela Sanchez's.
(d) The General's.

4. What prompts the General's marriage to Leticia?
(a) Leticia becomes pregnant with Emanuel.
(b) Leticia demands marriage before sex.
(c) Bendicion Alvarado discovers an egg with two yolks.
(d) Manuela dies, leaving the General with only one option.

5. What garment does the General wear in mourning?
(a) A black fedora.
(b) A black sweater.
(c) A black arm band.
(d) A black uniform.

6. What happens during the wedding ceremony?
(a) Rebels attempt to assassinate the General with an exploding milk cart.
(b) Leticia gives birth to Emanuel.
(c) Leticia faints from the pressures of marrying the General.
(d) Manuela Sanchez returns to seek vengeance.

7. What is disguised as as vase of six sunflowers?
(a) A bomb.
(b) Six microphones.
(c) Six poisoned flowers.
(d) Six grams of cocaine.

8. What does the narrator use to scrape away the layers disfiguring the General's body?
(a) Pumice stone.
(b) Fish scalers.
(c) A flint edge.
(d) A knife blade.

9. What does the second bulletin released after the General's death declare?
(a) The General has a family emergency and must sequester himself.
(b) The General has taken a religious vow of isolation for 30 days.
(c) The General has fallen to an ailment related to his increased years.
(d) The General has requested more time alone.

10. According to popular rumor, what does Lord Kochel eat?
(a) Iguana eggs.
(b) Freshly-boiled hens.
(c) The hot guts of beheaded people.
(d) Grass.

11. What happens when Leticia touches fresh market goods?
(a) They increase in size.
(b) They wither or mold.
(c) They multiply prolifically.
(d) They become State property.

12. What did the regime papers print for years before the General's death?
(a) Images of the General carousing with the people.
(b) Stories of the General's supposed magnificence.
(c) Images of the nation's prosperity under the General.
(d) Fictionalized pictures of the General in front of civil and military audiences.

13. How long has the General been in power?
(a) 10 years.
(b) 50 years.
(c) 150 years.
(d) 100 years.

14. What happens to Jose Ignacio Saenz de la Barra?
(a) He is beaten to a pulp and strung up from a lamppost with his testicles in his mouth.
(b) He overthrows the General on a campaign of pure terror.
(c) He is castrated and driven from the nation naked.
(d) He becomes the General's second in command and proceeds to terrorize the nation under the General's orders.

15. What happens when the General refuses to allow U.S. troops into the nation?
(a) They haul away the Carribbean Sea.
(b) They depose the General.
(c) They invade the capitol.
(d) They infect the nation with yellow fever.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what are the lepers under the rose bushes dying?

2. How had President Lauturo Munoz risen to power?

3. When does the General finally consummate his relationship with Leticia?

4. What is the first ceremony performed after Emanuel's birth?

5. What does the papal nuncio say about the linen shroud?

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