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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the General sit as the comet passes over?
(a) At the foot of Manuela's bed.
(b) Across from Manuela.
(c) On the stairs of Manuela's house.
(d) Between Manuela and her mother.

2. The General is determined to wipe out every conservative regime from where to where?
(a) The Nation to China.
(b) Patagonia to Mongolia.
(c) Patagonia to Alaska.
(d) Bogota to Lima.

3. What type of suit does the General use as a disguise?
(a) A tweed officer's uniform.
(b) An innocent linen suit
(c) Military camoflage.
(d) Farmer's clothing.

4. To whom did the General give a sewing machine?
(a) Lorenza Lopez.
(b) Jacinta Morales.
(c) Matilde Peralta.
(d) Leticia Nazareno.

5. What reason did Patricio Aragones give for his claim that he and the General would meet death at a tie?
(a) He could not best the General in dominoes.
(b) Their faces are on boths sides of both coins.
(c) The face of each man is one side of a coin.
(d) They are equals in dominoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. The General paid the blind man 5 cents to do which of the following?

2. How did the General sign decrees?

3. According to rumor, what determined the General's lifespan?

4. Benedicion Alvarado screamed in horror because the walls perpetually oozed which of the following after the banquet?

5. Which type of animal destroyed the palace?

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