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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Patricio Aragones die?
(a) He is wounded by a poisoned dart.
(b) His carriage is destroyed by dynamite.
(c) He is stabbed by a guard.
(d) He drowns in a bathtub.

2. Which item in the palace gives proof to the legend that bullets would pass through the General's body without harming him?
(a) A bullet proof vest.
(b) A blood-stained shirt.
(c) A perforated uniform.
(d) A perforated chair.

3. In which month was the Presidential Palace inaugurated?
(a) October.
(b) January.
(c) December.
(d) March.

4. How many maids did Bendicion Alvarado receive?
(a) 1.
(b) None.
(c) 6.
(d) 4.

5. Which of the General's body parts seems out of proportion to the narrator?
(a) His ears.
(b) His hands.
(c) His feet.
(d) His sunken eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the presidential limo disguised?

2. Which of the following is not a means of death met by the men who sacked the Presidential Palace?

3. The General paid the blind man 5 cents to do which of the following?

4. What does the General think is the underlying cause of rebellion?

5. Patricio Aragones proclaimed the General president of _________.

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