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The Nation

This is the place where the story takes occurs.

The Nation's Capital

This large city is also a port on the Caribbean Sea.

The Federalist Wars

These events occur after the fall of the Goths.

The Federalist Generals

These fourteen individuals, 13 of whom are killed, govern different regions of the nation.

The Government House, the Presidential Palace

This place is home to the General.

The Lepers and the Cripples

These people loiter around the Presidential palace and are seldom removed.

The High Command

This group is comprised of generals who lead the army.

The Doberman of Jose Ignacio Saenz de Barra, Lord Kochel

This character is accustomed to eating human flesh.

The Cows and Chickens of the Presidential Palace

These creatures wander around the grounds of the Presidential palace.

The Conde Barracks, San Jeronimo Base, the Harbor Fort

These places are military establishments surrounding the capital...

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