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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

In this chapter, Garcia Marquez eschews nearly all narrative conventions. This can prove somewhat disorienting at first. The objective of this lesson is to prepare students for the novel's play with time, place, and person. Students will consider both the artistic and the political significance of the novel's opening.


1) Class Discussion: This novel begins in a rather unconventional manner. Ask students to identify the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the novel, using only the first chapter. Why, in particular, is the setting and time period left ambiguous? What might this accomplish as a work of art? What might this accomplish as a political statement? Why would Garcia Marquez, a highly renowned and skilled author, leave out such details?

2) Group Work: First ask students, why does the novel begin with vultures? Then, ask students to identify other elements of foreshadowing in the...

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