The Autumn of the Patriarch Character Descriptions

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The General, the Dictator

This character rose to power after the Federalist Wars.

Leticia Nazareno, the General's Wife

This character is a formerly exiled Catholic nun.

Bendicion Alvarado, the General's Mother

This character is considered for canonization.

Jose Ignacio Saenz de la Barra

This character acts as a vigilante and eventually launches a coup.

Demetrius Aldous, the Eritrean Father, the Papal Special Rep

This character is sent to investigate the life of the character nominated for sainthood.

Patricio Aragones, the General's Double

This character dies during a staged assassination attempt.

Manuela Sanchez

This character disappears during the solar eclipse.

Emmanuel, the General's son by Leticia Nazareno

This character wears a miniature uniform.

The Papal Nuncio

This character is driven out of the nation after refusing to canonize a character.

The Ambassadors, the American, British and Dutch Ambassador

This group demands payment on the interest on the nation's debt...

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