The Atlantis Gene Short Essay - Answer Key

A.G. Riddle
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1. What is the setting described in the opening of the novel’s Prologue? What is taking place in this setting?

The Prologue of the novel is set on the Research Vessel Icefall in the Atlantic Ocean, 88 miles off the coast of Antarctica. Karl Selig is watching the icebergs crumble aboard the ship. He calls his graduate-school friend, Steve Cooper, over to look as a long, black object is uncovered under the ice.

2. How is the uncovered artifact described in the novel’s Prologue? What words are seen on the side of the vessel?

The object which appears as the ice crumbles appears to be a submarine, but it is sticking out of another metallic object, "this one gray and much, much larger than the sub." Karl reads part of the side of the submarine, which says U-977 SS Kreigsmarine; it is a Nazi submarine.

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