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A.G. Riddle
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: "A Tibetan Tapestry," Chapters 40-68.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the narrator say Karl Selig and his team had set out to sea five weeks ago in the novel’s Prologue?
(a) Jakarta, Indonesia.
(b) New Delhi, India.
(c) Cape Town, South Africa.
(d) New York, New York.

2. What does Harto intend to do with the mini-yacht he’s been given by David Vale in Part I: "Jakarta Burning," Chapter 39?
(a) Scrap it to build a house.
(b) Host fishing tours.
(c) Sell it to the government.
(d) Sell it to tourists.

3. Dr. Kate Warner’s lab assistant tells her in Part I: "Jakarta Burning," Chapter 1 that she’s going to work herself to death. He describes Dr. Warner’s secrecy, hoarding of notes, and refusal to talk to anyone about what?
(a) JPK-234.
(b) ARC-247.
(c) ARG-234.
(d) MPR-123.

4. How many people comprise the Indonesian National Police marine unit, as described in the news release in Part II: "A Tibetan Tapestry," Chapter 43?
(a) 12,000.
(b) 40,000.
(c) 20,000.
(d) 5,000.

5. Who is said to be the director of Immari Security that Martin Grey eyes “as if he were an apparition” in Part I: "Jakarta Burning," Chapter 30?
(a) Howard Keegan.
(b) Dorian Sloane.
(c) Steve Cooper.
(d) Ben Adelson.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the letter that David Vale has left to Josh Cohen to read upon his death in Part I: "Jakarta Burning," Chapter 25, he tells Josh to forward whatever he’s found to whom?

2. Where has Dr. Kate Warner been taken in the opening of Part I: "Jakarta Burning," Chapter 28?

3. How long ago does Martin Grey say his team had discovered the submarine in Antarctica when speaking to Dorian Sloane in Part II: "A Tibetan Tapestry," Chapter 41?

4. What does Harto say “is the future” in Part I: "Jakarta Burning," Chapter 39?

5. How does Josh Cohen send the IP address to David Vale so that he will find it after David’s been killed in Part I: "Jakarta Burning," Chapter 25?

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