The Atlantis Gene Character Descriptions

A.G. Riddle
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Dr. Katherine Warner

This character is a physician leading the Autism Research Facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. She becomes involved in the plot when two of her test subjects are kidnapped at gunpoint and her assistant is shot.

Ben Adelson

This character is the research assistant at the Autism Research Facility in Jakarta. He is shot when two "soldiers" burst into the facility and kidnap two of the test subjects.

Dr. Martin Grey

This character is the adoptive father of the female protagonist, and also one of the leaders of Immari Research.

Dorian Sloane

This character is the director of Immari Security. He orders to onset of the Toba Protocol.

David Vale

This character is a soldier for the Clocktower organization. He has discovered that Clocktower is infiltrated by moles and is in search for connections between 9/11 and the Immari Corporation.

Josh Cohen

This character is an intelligence agent...

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