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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island propose during their ratification discussions?
(a) Abolition of slavery.
(b) A bill of rights.
(c) Abolition of alcohol.
(d) Regulation of state laws.

2. What symbol did Benjamin Franklin remark on, on the President's chair?
(a) A sun painted on the back.
(b) An eagle on the seat.
(c) A pine tree.
(d) An ocean and a ship.

3. What did Benjamin Franklin advocate in a speech?
(a) Sending the Constitution back to committee.
(b) Sending the Constitution to the states for ratification.
(c) Signing the Constitution.
(d) Revising the Constitution one more time.

4. Which committee recommendation did not make it into the Constitution?
(a) The Electoral College.
(b) Four year terms for President and vice-President.
(c) The Senate should choose the President in case of a tie in the Electoral College.
(d) Senate can amend budget bills.

5. What limitation did delegates try to place on suffrage?
(a) Landowner restrictions.
(b) Literacy restrictions.
(c) Race restrictions.
(d) National origin restrictions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What compromise did the Northeast states reach with Georgia and South Carolina over slavery?

2. What was James Wilson calling for in his speech to the Pennsylvania legislature?

3. Where else did the question of proposing limitations arise, besides the debate over suffrage?

4. What did Madison advocate concerning the election or appointment of the executive?

5. What did James Wilson argue concerning the Constitution's provision for a standing army?

Short Essay Questions

1. What positions did the delegates take on the election of the executive?

2. Who objected to the Constitution and why did they object?

3. Describe Patrick Henry's first speech to the Virginia legislature.

4. Describe James Wilson's speech.

5. What was Mr. Gerry's objection to the Constitution?

6. Describe Patrick Henry's second speech to the Virginia legislature.

7. What were the different views on the question of ratification of the Constitution?

8. What was dropped from the draft of the Constitution?

9. What did the dissenters say after losing the ratification vote in the Pennsylvania convention?

10. What were the "Federal Farmer's" arguments regarding ratification?

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