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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Benjamin Franklin advocate in a speech?
(a) Revising the Constitution one more time.
(b) Signing the Constitution.
(c) Sending the Constitution back to committee.
(d) Sending the Constitution to the states for ratification.

2. What powers did Mr. Mason argue the federal judiciary should not have?
(a) The power to change state laws.
(b) The power to amend taxes.
(c) The power to amend executive orders.
(d) The power to oversee the executive.

3. What fear kept the delegates from approving the Constitution draft and going home?
(a) Fear that the states are conspiring against the federal government.
(b) Fear that slavery will divide the nation.
(c) Fear that Britain will ally with Spain against America.
(d) Fear that the federal government has too much power.

4. What did James Madison worry about concerning ratification in the states?
(a) The states could sink the ratification process.
(b) The states might not act in the national interest.
(c) The states could hold the federal government hostage with no votes.
(d) The federal government would be powerless without unanimous ratification.

5. What did "Federal Farmer" say the current Constitution would lead to?
(a) Aristocracy.
(b) Tyranny of the mass.
(c) Tyranny.
(d) Chaos.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Mr. Mason's fear regarding the House of Representatives?

2. What threat did Mr. Pinckney make if Congress has power to restrict the slave trade?

3. What did Patrick Henry say was the end of government?

4. What was the vote tally when the Pennsylvania Convention voted on the Constitution?

5. Which delegate expressed his regrets about not signing the Constitution?

Short Essay Questions

1. What positions did the delegates take on the election of the executive?

2. What was Mr. Gerry's objection to the Constitution?

3. What was John DeWitt's argument regarding the will of the people?

4. Describe James Wilson's speech.

5. What was at issue as delegates debated the qualifications for suffrage?

6. What did the dissenters say after losing the ratification vote in the Pennsylvania convention?

7. What position did "Centinel" take regarding the ratification of the Constitution?

8. Who objected to the Constitution and why did they object?

9. What did "Brutus" argue on the problem of representation in a large country?

10. What was added to the draft of the Constitution?

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