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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were Americans concluding by the 1780s?
(a) That there was too much power in the federal government.
(b) That the federal executive was too weak.
(c) That representation could have been earned without warfare.
(d) That mercantile colonialism had been a working model before the revolution.

2. What kind of rulers did James Madison believe the country needed?
(a) Leaders with frontier experience.
(b) Old world aristocrats.
(c) Innocent, smart individuals.
(d) Wise, virtuous individuals.

3. Which form of government includes a king whose powers are limited by a statement of the laws?
(a) Empire.
(b) Representative democracy.
(c) Constitutional monarchy.
(d) Republic.

4. What did George Mason say he feared, in his argument on June 4?
(a) That government will degenerate into monarchy.
(b) That government will degenerate into mob rule.
(c) That government will not have enough funding.
(d) That government will degenerate into a tool of businesses.

5. What did the delegates argue concerning the question of whether the judiciary should be associated with the executive?
(a) That the judiciary should be a sub-function of the legislature.
(b) That the executive alone should choose judges.
(c) That the executive and judiciary should be allied.
(d) That the separation of powers would foster isolationism.

Short Answer Questions

1. Delegates were trying to strike a balance in their decision about electing representatives for the House between what?

2. Who was particularly concerned about the Virginia Plan?

3. How did the South want the Constitution to regulate trade?

4. What thoughts did Mr. Wilson express at the convention?

5. What power was missing from the Articles?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which delegates took positions on the term and election of the federal executive and what were their positions?

2. What was Alexander Hamilton's argument about the need for a central government?

3. What did delegates object to in the Virginia Plan?

4. What was the benefit of the proposal to elect representatives in the state legislatures?

5. What particular example of separation of powers did delegates argue over?

6. What was the Virginia Plan?

7. What needs did Governor Edmund Randolph of Virginia believe the Virginia Plan would satisfy that the Articles did not?

8. What were the delegates' positions on the question of Senatorial term limits?

9. What role did Alexander Hamilton see for a strong federal government?

10. Why did Benjamin Franklin believe that government officers should not receive salaries?

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