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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Strether feel took his place with Chad?

2. To what does Strether liken himself in Book 12?

3. What surprises Strether about the Pococks?

4. What does Madame de Vionnet tell Strether in Book 9?

5. What does Miss Gostrey say to Strether during their last meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who helped to arrange the new marriage announced in Book 9?

2. Which new characters arrive in Paris in Book 8?

3. What opinion does Mamie Pocock give Strether about Madame de Vionnet in Book 9?

4. Whom does Strether encounter first at the beginning of Book 7?

5. Why does Strether thank Madame de Vionnet?

6. What does Chad admit about Sarah's visit to Strether in Book 11?

7. What does Chad tell Strether concerning Mamie Pocock in Book 11?

8. What is the couple whom Strether finds at the Cheval Blanc doing when he first sees them?

9. How does Strether travel outside of Paris in Book 11?

10. What artist's painting does the scenery outside Paris remind Strether of?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author frequently intersperses the novel with terms in French. Write an essay in which you analyze the effect that these instances of French have on the tone, setting, and/or themes of the novel.

Essay Topic 2

James' novel is a complex psychological portrait of Lambert Strether. Write an essay in which you analyze Strether's emotions. Also track how his emotions change or develop in the course of the novel. Use evidence from the text to support your analysis.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay in which you analyze Strether's letters to Mrs. Newsome. What is the psychological reason for and/or effect of Strether's letters? Is there a pattern to his letter-writing? What character trait of Strether's does this behavior demonstrate?

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