The Ambassadors Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Strether meet Miss Gostrey?

Strether meets Miss Gostrey in the lobby of a hotel.

2. How does Strether recognize Miss Gostrey?

Strether recognizes Miss Gostrey from an inn where he stayed the previous night.

3. How does Strether learn Miss Gostrey's name?

Strether learns Miss Gostrey's name when she hands him a card with her name on it.

4. Where do Strether and Miss Gostrey take a walk in Book 1?

Strether and Miss Gostrey take a walk around the old city will.

5. How does Miss Gostrey know Waymarsh?

Miss Gostrey knows Waymarsh from mutual friends in Milrose, Connecticut.

6. Why does Chad's mother want him to return to America?

Chad's mother wants him to return to America in order to work at the family business.

7. How did Strether's son die?

Strether's son died of diphtheria.

8. Where is Chad's apartment in Paris?

Chad's apartment in Paris is on the Boulevard Malesherbes.

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