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Build a Diorama

Based on the description of the characters’ activities as well as Chad’s description, build a diorama of Chad’s apartment in the Boulevard Malesherbes.

Bake Bread

Strether loves the thick-crusted bread found in Parisian restaurants. Look up a recipe for French bread and bake a loaf.

Make a Timeline

Srether frequently describes Madame de Vionnet’s apartment as resembling the First Empire, and having a Napoleonic appearance. Research Napoleon and make a timeline of French history from the French Revolution up through the year 1900.

Make a Musical Soundtrack

Choose 12 songs that you think are appropriate to the mood of the novel. Assign a song to each book of the novel and make a list.

Write an Epilogue

Write a thirteenth book for the novel in which you describe Strether’s life back in New England.

Write a Telegram

Mrs. Newsome’s letters are often...

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