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Paulo Coelho
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Alchemist say has come to represent the highest point of evolution?
(a) Lead.
(b) Gold.
(c) Alchemy.
(d) Man.

2. What does Santiago notice the Englishman has gained as he begins to try to turn lead into gold?
(a) Happiness and joy.
(b) Enthusiasm and energy.
(c) Godliness and peace.
(d) Hatred and revenge.

3. How does Santiago feel about the individual he meets at the well in Part 4?
(a) He does not like her.
(b) He is infatuated.
(c) He is in love at first sight.
(d) He is intimidated by her.

4. What does the Alchemist advise Santiago to listen to in order to immerse himself in the desert?
(a) The desert omens.
(b) His heart.
(c) The omens of the pyramids.
(d) His love for Fatima.

5. Once all of the metal's properties are burned away, what is left?
(a) Master Work.
(b) Elixir of Life.
(c) Soul of the World.
(d) Alchemy.

6. In Part 6, what does Santiago always promise about his heart?
(a) To ingnore it.
(b) To listen to it.
(c) To test it.
(d) To work through the suffering.

7. What does Santiago do while the Englishman tries to observe the desert and learn its language?
(a) Learns to turn lead into gold.
(b) Learns Arabic.
(c) Reads the Englishman's books.
(d) Creates the Elixir of Life.

8. Who is the powerful and intimidating stranger Santiago meets after he leaves the tribal chief?
(a) The Alchemist.
(b) The Englishman.
(c) One of the tribal leaders of the warring tribes.
(d) Fatima.

9. What does the powerful and intimidating stranger in Part 5 demand of Santiago?
(a) To know who read the hawk's flight omen.
(b) To race him on horseback.
(c) To defend the oasis.
(d) To leave with him.

10. What reward will Santiago receive if the tribal chief's prediction is correct?
(a) A home with the tribe.
(b) A horse.
(c) Gold pieces.
(d) A space to build a stand and become a merchant.

11. Which of the following is true about the oasis?
(a) The alchemist owns it.
(b) It is an illusion.
(c) The people of the oasis pick a specific side in the war.
(d) It is a safe refuge from the war.

12. What did the Alchemist say to the Englishman when asked about teaching him how to turn lead into gold?
(a) You are not worthy.
(b) You already know how to do it.
(c) Try doing it.
(d) I will not teach you.

13. What does Santiago's heart tell him as he and the Alchemist pass the encampment in Part 6?
(a) To laugh.
(b) There is no danger.
(c) To join the encampment.
(d) To be wary.

14. What does the Alchemist say that people need to master?
(a) Their souls.
(b) Their hearts.
(c) Love of another.
(d) New knowledge.

15. According to Part 4, who is waiting at the oasis?
(a) Santiago's father.
(b) The crystal merchant.
(c) The Alchemist.
(d) The beautiful girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Santiago find out is the Language of the World?

2. What does the individual Santiago meets at the well in Part 4 tell him?

3. How many things does the Alchemist say in Part 6 that Santiago needs to learn?

4. In Part 6, what does Santiago's heart tell him?

5. in Part 5, what does Santiago think his treasure is?

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