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Ben Marcus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A small boy is an assistant who takes care of a giant _________ that eats air.
(a) Cat.
(b) Dog.
(c) Bird.
(d) Wire.

2. When the ________ leave, they take along cells and water which become the names of new children.
(a) Fathers.
(b) Mothers.
(c) Sleepers.
(d) Walkers.

3. Family energy from the naming of a ________ can be converted into electricity through the use of an electric cell.
(a) Man.
(b) Puppy.
(c) House.
(d) Disease.

4. _______ is a summons issued to those who serve in what the author calls the animal forces.
(a) George.
(b) Manna.
(c) Reed.
(d) Walter.

5. What is NOT one of the names that is used to name the accountants, as described in this book?
(a) Jennifer.
(b) Frederick.
(c) Albert.
(d) Bill.

6. The author notes that every person has a _________, made of wind, according to what his mother told him.
(a) Child.
(b) Double.
(c) Love.
(d) God.

7. What is another name for the electric cell that is described in #149?
(a) Wire man.
(b) Flip wire.
(c) Wire boy.
(d) Wire string.

8. When the process of capturing the wind of a storm is complete, the storm will leave the sky in favor of the _________.
(a) Mother.
(b) Father.
(c) Boy.
(d) Man.

9. Continuous ________ refers to a change in the alternating seasons.
(a) Spring.
(b) Fall.
(c) Winter.
(d) Summer.

10. The _______-Burning system is one in which the girl is used as a current meter in a river to calibrate a number.
(a) Water.
(b) Girl.
(c) God.
(d) Life.

11. The ________ is a false map made out of skin, according to the terms section.
(a) Ben Marcus.
(b) Father.
(c) Witness.
(d) Boy.

12. In 1992, the call was used to anger America men and to cause _______ on the battlefields of the Middle West.
(a) Peace talks.
(b) Suicides.
(c) War.
(d) Labor strikes.

13. Young men are called upon in order to become _________ helpers via a sound that is produced.
(a) Bug.
(b) Boy.
(c) Animal.
(d) Woman.

14. The boy examines the _______ and holds a wire to a scaffold.
(a) Movement.
(b) Tasks.
(c) Tombstone.
(d) Pizza.

15. The positioning system provide information about the location and the emotional state of the _________.
(a) Boy.
(b) Father.
(c) Mother.
(d) Bird.

Short Answer Questions

1. There is a _______ hole in the bird, and hair falls to the grass in the form of drops.

2. Today, people tend to swim in large groups as they await open ________, according to this section of the story.

3. Warmer portions of the ________ rise through its cooler parts, to be replaced by cooler parts.

4. A number of girls have burned while using a ________ to transmit religious things.

5. ________ helpers were often deaf and by 1990, the term Walter is used to signify deaf soldiers of Mexico.

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