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Ben Marcus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ________ contain written prayers that ask for the specific measurements from the sun.
(a) Trees.
(b) Stones.
(c) Houses.
(d) Shadows.

2. People underneath the garden try to ________ together in order to poison the cultivated flowers.
(a) Sing.
(b) Dance.
(c) Protest.
(d) Breathe.

3. By looking at a thing, we destroy it with our _________, according to the book.
(a) Truth.
(b) Peeping.
(c) Discussion.
(d) Desire.

4. Professional _________ can seal culprits inside of houses, according to the author.
(a) Sleepers.
(b) Shakers.
(c) Movers.
(d) Walkers.

5. Electricity in a house mourns the absence of a _______, who is the house's energy form.
(a) Husband.
(b) Light.
(c) Wife.
(d) Child.

6. How does the weather die, according to the description in this section of the book?
(a) Suffocation.
(b) Strangulation.
(c) A missed walk.
(d) A single shot.

7. Thompson's body is referred to as _______ in order that his physical form never desecrates his own name.
(a) Joe.
(b) Perkins.
(c) Honor roll.
(d) Pleasanton.

8. In the evening, the person who is in the structure is too _______ to converse, according to the story.
(a) Cold.
(b) Bored.
(c) Excited.
(d) Dull.

9. The book is designed to take on the huge task of cataloging a __________.
(a) World.
(b) Life.
(c) Story.
(d) Culture.

10. __________ of hidden food is determined between a scavenger and the original hider of it.
(a) Cooking.
(b) Separation.
(c) Ownership.
(d) Parceling.

11. Snoring can be corrected by filling the slumbering person with cool _________, according to the first section of the book.
(a) Truth.
(b) Air.
(c) Water.
(d) Beauty.

12. Some of the foods described evolved into _______ with names like slews, loops, shads, pike rings, etc.
(a) Boxes.
(b) Hats.
(c) Garments.
(d) Meals.

13. What is another name for the boxes that are described in #43?
(a) Thompson.
(b) Perkins.
(c) Coffins.
(d) Showboxes.

14. What begin to open on all sides after the funeral for the water is held in 1807?
(a) Possibilities.
(b) Graves.
(c) Buildings.
(d) Books.

15. A practice called house _________ began around 1979 in the Southwest, according to the book.
(a) Decoration.
(b) Burial.
(c) Retrieval.
(d) Composting.

Short Answer Questions

1. _____ days are days following a day that a dog apparently has caused the weather to die.

2. What is the name of the house-worshiping religion, as described in this section of the book?

3. ___________ are served in the air's upper layers, according to the author.

4. _________ are the initial shade-chasers, according to the author's definition, and were once called Persons.

5. God rides a bird ______ward, which affects change in the world's ocean.

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