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Ben Marcus
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Society.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. There is a system of detecting the position of things, including birds, by filling their mouths with _________.
(a) Wind.
(b) Cloth.
(c) Water.
(d) Lies.

2. When the process of capturing the wind of a storm is complete, the storm will leave the sky in favor of the _________.
(a) Boy.
(b) Father.
(c) Mother.
(d) Man.

3. What is NOT one of the weathers that is described in the book about weather that is used underground?
(a) Gray mitten.
(b) Yellowness.
(c) Nonvertical rain.
(d) Backward wind.

4. What is the person carrying when a new one arrives in its place?
(a) Breath.
(b) Wire.
(c) String.
(d) Cloud.

5. The living boy swings a shrunken ________ inside his pocket, ceding his life to the brother who preceded him.
(a) Hand.
(b) Leg.
(c) Paw.
(d) Head.

Short Answer Questions

1. _________ wrote a book in 1989 concerning the weather used underground and how to improve different types of weather.

2. What is the name of the person who kills people of the light every night, according to the story?

3. If the man destroying his house were a father of the author, then he would shout at his _______, which would form an animal.

4. What is NOT one of the names that is used to name the accountants, as described in this book?

5. Family energy from the naming of a ________ can be converted into electricity through the use of an electric cell.

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