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Ben Marcus
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Persons.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During a _________ of grains and seeds, a brother ate and reconstructed parts of himself.
(a) Feast.
(b) Book.
(c) Storm.
(d) Manger.

2. The living boy swings a shrunken ________ inside his pocket, ceding his life to the brother who preceded him.
(a) Hand.
(b) Leg.
(c) Head.
(d) Paw.

3. What is on the tools which can hurt the angels, if steps are not taken to prevent this from occurring?
(a) Poison.
(b) Sand.
(c) Sugar.
(d) Oil.

4. The author notes that every person has a _________, made of wind, according to what his mother told him.
(a) Child.
(b) Love.
(c) Double.
(d) God.

5. ________ has always fended off enemies, but grass came before the houses did.
(a) Dust.
(b) Cloud cover.
(c) Shade.
(d) Sun.

Short Answer Questions

1. Young men are called upon in order to become _________ helpers via a sound that is produced.

2. After an item that needs to be revived is revived, it is necessary to have _________ with it.

3. Certain birds move the ________ with the beating of their wings to make the ocean move again.

4. What is the person carrying when a new one arrives in its place?

5. Eventually, over time, there is no __________, the sun makes a loud noise, and the society decides to move underground.

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