Objects & Places from The Age of Wire and String

Ben Marcus
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Ohioappears in Sleep, The House, Animal, Weather, Persons

This is the author's word for the house, which he admits will never be clearly defined.

The Age of Wire and Stringappears in Argument, The Society

This is a time when English scientists created a method of conversation based on the pattern of flutters that emerges when string and wire are used to cover the mouth during speech.

Western Worship Boxesappears in Sleep

These items apparently are coffins.

Land Scarfappears in The House

This soft item is a garment that also can be used as a landmark, for physical protection from the elements, or as a means of conveyance.

The Food Map of Yvonneappears in Food

This item is a parchment upon which the location of specialized sustenance for women can be found.

The Golden Monicaappears in The House

This item is a phenomenon in which an intruder ties up...

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