Daily Lessons for Teaching The Age of Wire and String

Ben Marcus
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Lesson 1 (from Argument and Sleep)


Argument and Sleep

This book is an experimental book, in the sense that the style and the details do not necessarily follow a particular format. At the same time, it's a book that has been said to be revolutionary achievement for experimental fiction. Today's objective is to discuss the idea experimental fiction, its place in fiction, and how it changes an experience of a book


1) Vocabulary: Have each student define the idea of experimental.

2) Group Discussion: Have students discuss the problems that can come up with writing experimental fiction.

3) Class Discussion: Have the students discuss how they feel about the book at this point. Does it seem to follow a structure? What do the students feel about a book that isn't clear in its direction or meaning? Do the students think experimental fiction has a place in the fiction genre?

4) Homework: Have each student write...

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