The Age of Wire and String Character Descriptions

Ben Marcus
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Jason Marcusappears in Food, Weather, Persons - This person is the author's brother. This fact emerges only gradually and obliquely through the course of the book.

Fatherappears in Sleep, God, Animal, Weather, Persons, The Society - This person is the narrator's father.

Motherappears in Animal, Weather, Persons - This person, associated with the house, is characterized as warm, soft, and sweet-smelling. At home, people vie to cuddle with her.

Ben Marcusappears in Animal - This person is the author and the narrator, as well as a false map, scroll, parchment, garment, and antiperson.

Grandfatherappears in Persons - This person is mentioned a number of times, but much of these mentions are in passing, and merely identify him as someone in the house during a particular scene in the book.

Membersappears in Throughout the book - Calling the group by this name makes them seem special and a...

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