The Age of Wire and String Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ben Marcus
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Argument and Sleep

• This book is a catalog of the author's life project.

• The book is meant to deal with the chief concerns of any society.

• Snoring is a language disturbance caused by accidental sleeping.

• Air days are days when a dog has caused the weather to die by suffocation.

• Professional sleepers are able to ward off birds, amongst other things.


• God rides a bird northward, and the wind affects the ocean.

• Certain birds move the ocean's tide with their beating wings.

• Mark Parker killed Albert, then died himself.

• A father makes a confession in what appears to be a glass grave.


• A body is covered over the course of a day by various foods.

• The replacement of wild growth by cultivated flowers occurs in a prison.

• Denying brain food will encourage travelers either to sleep or to lie down until Brian finishes eating.

• A brother...

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