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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Holmes determines that Windbanks is ______________.
(a) A thief.
(b) A criminal.
(c) Sutherland's real father.
(d) Angel.

2. In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," who is the last person to see the person Holmes is investigating?
(a) Mr. St. Clair.
(b) Isa Whitney.
(c) Mrs. St. Clair.
(d) Kate Whitney.

3. What is the name of the female in "A Scandal in Bohemia?"
(a) Wilma Robinson.
(b) Jane Johnson.
(c) Melanie Smith.
(d) Irene Adler.

4. In "A Case of Identity," what does Holmes need in order to solve the case?
(a) Holmes tells Watson to meet him at 10 pm.
(b) Holmes has a drink with Angel.
(c) Holmes disguises himself as Windbanks and meets Sutherland.
(d) Holmes sends a letter to Windbanks.

5. What is inside the letter Elias receives?
(a) Five orange pips.
(b) Pictures from his past.
(c) A blank check.
(d) Directions to treasure.

6. In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," what is Holmes feeling about the person he is looking for?
(a) That he is dead.
(b) That he will never be found.
(c) That he left his wife.
(d) That he is in jail.

7. What hours does Wilson work in his job for the Red-Headed League?
(a) 2-4.
(b) 10-4.
(c) 8-5.
(d) 7-7.

8. In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," when the police return to the last known location of the missing person, what do they find?
(a) A bottle of gin.
(b) A pipe.
(c) A cripple and some clothes.
(d) A pistol and ammunition.

9. Where did the letter Elias receives come from?
(a) Dundee.
(b) New York.
(c) Madrid, Spain.
(d) Pondicherry, India.

10. What is Watson doing when he receives a telegram from Holmes in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery?"
(a) Seeing a patient.
(b) Having breakfast with his wife.
(c) On vacation with his wife.
(d) Researching in his library.

11. What is the motivation for the murder in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery?"
(a) The victim has incriminating evidence on the killer.
(b) The killer is insane and a serial killer.
(c) The killer is being blackmailed.
(d) The victim lied to the killer.

12. What is unusual about Angel?
(a) Angel wears dark glasses and speaks quietly.
(b) Angel walks with a limp.
(c) Angel is very wealthy yet dresses like a slob.
(d) Angel knows Holmes from a previous case.

13. What does Holmes threaten Mr. Windbanks with?
(a) A pistol.
(b) A knife.
(c) The authorities.
(d) A riding whip.

14. What does Holmes refer to the female character in "A Scandal in Bohemia" as?
(a) Nothing. He refuses to speak her name.
(b) "The temptress."
(c) "The sleuth."
(d) "The woman."

15. Which character in "The Man with the Twisted Lip" is addicted to opium?
(a) Mr. St. Clair.
(b) Boone.
(c) Kate Whitney.
(d) Isa Whitney.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Elias Openshaw die?

2. After Holmes accepts Wilson's case in "The Red-Headed League," what does he do to help him think about the case?

3. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," what is Watson's relationship status?

4. What is the weather like in "The Five Orange Pips" when Watson is at Holmes' home?

5. When Watson shows up at the appointed time at night, what is the role of Peter Jones?

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