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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," what is Holmes feeling about the person he is looking for?
(a) That he is in jail.
(b) That he will never be found.
(c) That he left his wife.
(d) That he is dead.

2. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," what is Watson's relationship status?
(a) Has a girlfriend.
(b) Married.
(c) Engaged.
(d) Single.

3. What date does Charles McCarthy make an appointment at the Boscombe Valley pool?
(a) July 24th.
(b) June 3rd.
(c) June 15th.
(d) May 7th.

4. In "The Boscombe Valley Mystery," who is originally arrested for murder?
(a) James McCarthy.
(b) John Turner.
(c) None of these.
(d) Charles McCarthy.

5. In "The Boscombe Valley Mystery," what did a witness see?
(a) Charles and James quarreling at the lake.
(b) James walking with John.
(c) John and James returning from the lake.
(d) Charles and John exchanging money.

6. After Watson finds and leaves with Whitney, who does Watson run into?
(a) Holmes.
(b) His wife.
(c) Mrs. St. Clair.
(d) Mr. St. Clair.

7. Who is Holmes' client in "The Red-Headed League?
(a) Mr. Jabez Wilson.
(b) Mr. McCarthy.
(c) Mr. Godfrey Norton.
(d) Mr. Windbank.

8. In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," why do Holmes and Watson travel to the police house?
(a) To talk to the detective.
(b) To apply for a job.
(c) To see Hugh Boone.
(d) To post bail for Isa Whitney.

9. Who calls Holmes in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery?"
(a) Detective Lestrade.
(b) John Turner.
(c) James McCarthy.
(d) Dr. Watson.

10. On the morning of Sutherland and Angel's marriage, what happens to Angel?
(a) He is in a car accident.
(b) He calls off the wedding.
(c) He disappears.
(d) He falls and breaks his leg.

11. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," when is Holmes' client set to be blackmailed?
(a) On Christmas morning.
(b) On his wedding day.
(c) On election day.
(d) At the funeral.

12. Who is Holmes' client in "A Case of Identity?"
(a) Miss Jane Jones.
(b) Miss Mary Sutherland.
(c) Miss Jenny Fromberg.
(d) Miss Irene Adler.

13. What is Holmes' client being blackmailed with in "A Scandal in Bohemia?"
(a) Embarrassing tapes.
(b) A picture.
(c) A letter.
(d) Incriminating evidence.

14. Once Holmes determines the murderer in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery," what is the murderer's response?
(a) Flees the scene.
(b) Denies his involvement.
(c) Attempts to murder Holmes.
(d) Confesses to the crime.

15. What does Mrs. St. Clair receive from her husband letting her know he is alright?
(a) A letter and his ring.
(b) A book and a feather.
(c) A flower and vase.
(d) A pocketwatch and boots.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much does Wilson earn in his job for the Red-Headed League?

2. When Holmes, Watson and their client go to the female character's home in "A Scandal in Bohemia," where is she?

3. What is the weather like in "The Five Orange Pips" when Watson is at Holmes' home?

4. What is Elias' reaction to the letter he receives?

5. In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," what is found in the water?

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