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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," who is the female character's significant other?
(a) Mr. Windbank.
(b) Mr. Jabez Wilson.
(c) Mr. William Prince.
(d) Mr. Godfrey Norton.

2. How does Miss Sutherland support herself?
(a) She is married and her husband supports her.
(b) Her allowance from her stepfather.
(c) Her inheritance and a job as a typist.
(d) She works as a prostitute.

3. In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," when the police return to the last known location of the missing person, what do they find?
(a) A pipe.
(b) A pistol and ammunition.
(c) A cripple and some clothes.
(d) A bottle of gin.

4. What is the crime committed in "A Case of Identity?"
(a) Theft.
(b) Burglary.
(c) Murder.
(d) Fraud.

5. Who receives the second letter in "The Five Orange Pips?"
(a) John.
(b) Elias.
(c) Joseph.
(d) James.

6. Who calls Holmes in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery?"
(a) Dr. Watson.
(b) John Turner.
(c) Detective Lestrade.
(d) James McCarthy.

7. What is the relationship between Elias and John Openshaw?
(a) Uncle/nephew.
(b) Father/son.
(c) Coworkers.
(d) Brothers.

8. When Holmes solves the case in "The Red-Headed League," what does he determine is the reason for the Red-Headed League?
(a) To later use the information as a bribe.
(b) To tunnel under Wilson's shop.
(c) To save money on publications.
(d) To cover up a murder.

9. From which country do Turner and McCarthy know each other?
(a) India.
(b) United States.
(c) Germany.
(d) Australia.

10. When Watson shows up at the appointed time at night, what is the role of Peter Jones?
(a) Holmes' landlord.
(b) City detective.
(c) Bank president.
(d) Hotel concierge.

11. In "A Case of Identity," what does Holmes need in order to solve the case?
(a) Holmes disguises himself as Windbanks and meets Sutherland.
(b) Holmes has a drink with Angel.
(c) Holmes tells Watson to meet him at 10 pm.
(d) Holmes sends a letter to Windbanks.

12. According to the interrogation report of James in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery," what sound did Charles McCarthy make?
(a) "Stooop!"
(b) "James!"
(c) "Cooee!"
(d) "Noooo!"

13. In "The Man with the Twisted Lip," which feeling best describes the person Holmes is investigating once caught?
(a) Joyful.
(b) Angry.
(c) Proud.
(d) Ashamed.

14. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," when is Holmes' client set to be blackmailed?
(a) On Christmas morning.
(b) At the funeral.
(c) On election day.
(d) On his wedding day.

15. Which of the following characters is not in "A Case of Identity?"
(a) Miss Sutherland.
(b) Mr. Windbanks.
(c) Mr. Hosmer Angel.
(d) Mr. Jabez Wilson.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," what is the title of the visitor to Holmes' apartment?

2. Describe Holmes' client in "The Five Orange Pips."

3. In "The Red-Headed League," besides Peter Jones, who meets with Watson and Holmes?

4. While on the case in "A Scandal in Bohemia," what role does Holmes play at the church?

5. What is inside the letter Elias receives?

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