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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 5, The Five Orange Pips.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the relationship between Elias and John Openshaw?
(a) Uncle/nephew.
(b) Father/son.
(c) Brothers.
(d) Coworkers.

2. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," when is Holmes' client set to be blackmailed?
(a) On election day.
(b) On his wedding day.
(c) On Christmas morning.
(d) At the funeral.

3. Which of the following characters is not in "A Case of Identity?"
(a) Mr. Windbanks.
(b) Miss Sutherland.
(c) Mr. Jabez Wilson.
(d) Mr. Hosmer Angel.

4. In "The Boscombe Valley Mystery," what does James claim to see in the water?
(a) A gun.
(b) A cloak.
(c) A top hat.
(d) A diamond ring.

5. In "A Scandal in Bohemia," is Holmes successful at solving the case?
(a) No, Holmes is unsuccessful.
(b) Yes, the object is returned to the king.
(c) No, the lady takes the object with her.
(d) Yes, but the object is destroyed.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Holmes begins to solve the case in "A Scandal in Bohemia," what is his disguise?

2. From which country do Turner and McCarthy know each other?

3. What is the female's profession in "A Scandal in Bohemia?"

4. What is the motivation for the murder in "The Boscombe Valley Mystery?"

5. When Watson shows up at the appointed time at night, what is the role of Peter Jones?

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