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Scotland Yardappears in All - The London police department at the time of these tales.

Opium Denappears in The Man with the Twisted Lip - This place is where users of a specific narcotic could go to buy and use the product.

Berylappears in The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet - An emerald is a green form of this rare and precious metal.

Bohemiaappears in A Scandal in Bohemia - This is a kingdom in what is now the Czech Republic and at the time of the story was ruled by a hereditary, ethnically German, king.

Klu Klux Klanappears in The Five Orange Pips - This is an American terrorist and protection organization formed by six civil war veterans in Tennessee 1865 that tried to enforce racial standards and to harass white's from the north and blacks that offended their members.

Orange Pipsappears in The Five Orange Pips...

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