The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Character Descriptions

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Sherlock Holmesappears in All - This detective is a master of deduction in devising theories to explain crimes with the smallest amount of evidence.

Dr. John Watsonappears in All - This character acts as the main detectives side kick and narrates all of the stories.

Inspector Lestradeappears in The Boscome Valley Mystery, The Adventure of the Noble Bachl - This character is a well-respected and able Scotland Yard detective that the main detective often works with on cases.

John Clayappears in The Red-Headed League - This character is the noble born mater criminal in the Red-Headed League who pretends to be an assistant before his true identity is discovered.

John Turnerappears in The Boscombe Valley Mystery - This character was originally an Australian highway robber who eventually left Australia to settle down in the English countryside.

John Openshawappears in The Five Orange Pips - This character, along...

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