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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Augie and Stella move after he returns home from the Merchant Marines?
(a) Barcelona.
(b) London.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Paris.

2. In what New York neighborhood does Augie train for the Merchant Marines?
(a) Sheepshead Bay.
(b) Park Slope.
(c) Greenwich Village.
(d) Coney Island.

3. What is WIley Moulton's partner's name?
(a) Wiggy.
(b) Miggy.
(c) Iggy.
(d) Ziggy.

4. What color is Thea's apartment?
(a) Pink.
(b) Black.
(c) Yellow.
(d) White.

5. What type of car does Simon drive when he picks Augie up from the airport?
(a) A Cadillac.
(b) A Mercedes.
(c) A Jaguar.
(d) A BMW.

6. What does Augie give to Paslavitch in exchange for free room and board?
(a) Homemade bread.
(b) His watch.
(c) English lessons.
(d) Beer.

7. What topic does the magazine "Wilmot's Weekly" discuss?
(a) Economics.
(b) Religion.
(c) Politics.
(d) Celebrity gossip.

8. Which of the following women does Arthur Einhorn begin dating, much to his lecherous father's liking?
(a) Momma March.
(b) Mimi Villa.
(c) Lucy Magnus.
(d) Sophie Geratis.

9. Who suggests that Augie get the job working for the CIO?
(a) Simon.
(b) Kayo.
(c) Mimi.
(d) William.

10. How does Caligula fare in his first fight with a live iguana?
(a) He is bored.
(b) He is confused.
(c) He is powerful.
(d) He is a coward.

11. How does Augie feel about feeding live lizards to Caligula?
(a) He feels squeamish.
(b) He feels excited.
(c) He feels annoyed.
(d) He feels saddened.

12. Which of the following female characters states that Augie is "too needy for indiscriminate love and too eager to please people who cannot be pleased."
(a) Thea.
(b) Esther.
(c) Mimi.
(d) Sophie.

13. How many universities was Bateshaw's experimental information turned down by?
(a) Ten universities.
(b) Four universities.
(c) Eight universities.
(d) Six universities.

14. Who tells Augie that Stella is a pathological liar?
(a) Simon.
(b) Clem.
(c) Kayo.
(d) Frazer.

15. Which of the following terrains is common in the city of Acalta, Central Mexico?
(a) Rain forests.
(b) Swamps.
(c) Mountains.
(d) Deserts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following topics of discussion is NOT brought up by Mintouchian at the Turkish bath?

2. What is the name of Thea's older husband?

3. Which of the following characters gives Augie the advice that, "one must take chances, for it is better to die than to live as a stranger"?

4. What type of animal does Thea hope to study in the Yucatan?

5. What nickname does Moulton give Augie?

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