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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much rent does Augie pay to the Owens every month for the room he shares with two other students?
(a) $20 per month.
(b) $30 per month.
(c) $10 per month.
(d) He does not pay rent.

2. What is the name of the March family's caseworker at the local Charity?
(a) Lubin.
(b) Darrington.
(c) Hinsley.
(d) Franks.

3. Who sold Augie's family home without telling him?
(a) Momma.
(b) Grandma.
(c) Georgie.
(d) Simon.

4. What rubberized decoration does Augie attempt to sell for bathroom redecoration after leaving the Renlings?
(a) Paint.
(b) Towels.
(c) Soap.
(d) Bath ducks.

5. What does Manny Pedilla train Augie to steal with him?
(a) Credit cards.
(b) Textbooks.
(c) Cars.
(d) Apples.

6. How does Augie react when the beautiful heiress turns down his dinner date proposal?
(a) He passes out.
(b) He slaps her in the face.
(c) He runs away, crying.
(d) He vomits.

7. How does Georgie feel about being institutionalized?
(a) He is pleased.
(b) He is terrified.
(c) He is apathetic.
(d) He is confused.

8. How does WIlliam's wife feel about his frequent trips to the whorehouse?
(a) She is pleased by them.
(b) She is outraged by them.
(c) She does not know about them.
(d) She ignores them.

9. Which of the following roles is NOT one Augie plays for millionaire tycoon, William Einhorn?
(a) Deputy.
(b) Confidant.
(c) Secretary.
(d) Companion.

10. Which of the following monkeys does NOT belong to the "household trinity"?
(a) Speak no evil.
(b) Smell no evil.
(c) Hear no evil.
(d) See no evil.

11. How old is Augie when he gets his first job?
(a) 8 years old.
(b) 14 years old.
(c) 12 years old.
(d) 10 years old.

12. Who made love to Momma's maid, leading to her prompt firing?
(a) Jimmy.
(b) Augie.
(c) Georgie.
(d) Simon.

13. Where was the Rosetta Stone discovered in the 18th Century?
(a) Spain.
(b) Egypt.
(c) Vietnam.
(d) Australia.

14. What is the name of Augie's childhood best friend?
(a) Johnny.
(b) Jimmy.
(c) Timmy.
(d) Matty.

15. What is "Grandma's" real name?
(a) Mrs. Dausch.
(b) Mrs. Wausch.
(c) Mrs. Lausch.
(d) Mrs. Fausch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nationality is Guillaume?

2. Who is the father of Mimi Villar's baby?

3. Why does Simon owe money to the mob?

4. Which of the following religions does the March family adhere to?

5. How does Grandma feel about Augie working for William Einhorn?

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