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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 20-22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Augie give to Paslavitch in exchange for free room and board?
(a) Homemade bread.
(b) English lessons.
(c) His watch.
(d) Beer.

2. What type of store does Mr. Renling own?
(a) A sporting goods store.
(b) A shoe store.
(c) An electronics store.
(d) A music store.

3. How was Ruth Snyder executed?
(a) She was hanged.
(b) She was shot.
(c) She was electrocuted.
(d) She was poisoned.

4. What type of hunting animal does Thea plan to purchase to help in her exotic hunting plans?
(a) A panther.
(b) An eagle.
(c) A badger.
(d) A dog.

5. What job does Augie help his cousins, the Coblins, complete?
(a) An aluminum can recycling drive.
(b) A newspaper route.
(c) A pool cleaning service.
(d) A car mechanic shop.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event does William celebrate with Augie by taking him to a whorehouse?

2. How does Talavera feel about Augie when the pair first meet?

3. When Sophie stops dating Augie, how many weeks does she have before her wedding to another man?

4. Who pays for Augie to get new clothes before he meets the wealthy Magnus family?

5. Which of the following ailments begins to plague Momma in her old age?

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