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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Professor Filostrato warn Mark to not make an enemy of?
(a) Mr. Ransom.
(b) The Fairy.
(c) Mr. Steele.
(d) Lord Feverstone.

2. What does Mark have to wear when meeting with the Head?
(a) A symbolic smock.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A blindfold.
(d) Sterile clothes, a mask, and gloves.

3. What is different in the atmosphere between Edgestow and St. Anne's?
(a) The grass is greener at St. Anne's.
(b) There is no fog at St. Anne's.
(c) There is a happy feeling as one enters the gates of St. Anne's.
(d) The sun always shines on St. Anne's.

4. What advice does the leader at St. Anne's give Jane concerning her marriage when she first meets him?
(a) She should be more vocal about her wishes.
(b) She should put Mark's happiness before her own.
(c) She should try to have a baby with Mark.
(d) She should be more submissive.

5. Why does Miss Ironwood not cure Jane's dreams?
(a) Miss Ironwood does not believe the dreams are really happening.
(b) Miss Ironwood does not have the power for this.
(c) She is sure that the dreams will fade on their own.
(d) They are not a plague, but a gift.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jane not frightened of the dream she has of the dead man in the dark?

2. Why is Mr. Steele so hostile towards Mark when they are first introduced to each other at Belbury?

3. What catches the Fairy's attention about Jane when she meets Jane during the riot on the street?

4. What name is Mr. Denniston also known by?

5. How does Mr. Wither get Mark to stay with the N.I.C.E.?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Lord Feverston appointed the new emergency governor?

2. How does Jane gain admittance into St. Anne's the first time she goes there?

3. What does Jane learn from her short conversation with Mr. Curry that is very shocking to her?

4. What does the Fairy do to Jane to try and get Jane to tell her where she was coming from the night of the riot?

5. Why is Mr. Wither so upset with the Fairy for trying to take Jane by force on the night of the riot?

6. After hearing about her dreams, what does Mr. Dimble tell Jane to do if she feels the urge to tell anyone else about her dreams?

7. Why are the Denistons so eager to have Jane be a new member of their group at St. Anne's?

8. What is Mark thinking about his wife the morning after he came home to his wife in tears?

9. What do we learn is the real reason that the N.I.C.E. wanted Mark to join them?

10. What strikes Jane as so fascinating when she first meets Mr. Ransom?

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