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This is the town in which the novel begins. It is torn apart by the N.I.C.E. while they are looking for Merlin, and is destroyed supernaturally at the end of the book.

Bracton College

This is the place where Mark has a fellowship. This place is basically harmless except for its affiliation with the N.I.C.E.

Bragdon Wood

This place has magical connotations because of a well that stands at its center. It is sold to the N.I.C.E., and they destroy it looking for Merlin himself.

The Wynd River

This runs through the middle of the main city. The N.I.C.E. diverts this away from the main city.

Belbury, the N.I.C.E. facility

This is the town in which the N.I.C.E. takes over an old blood transfusion office and builds on to...

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