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Sale of College Property

1. What is Mark's main concern at the beginning of the book?
(a) Finding a way to combine science and ethics.
(b) His fellowship at Bracton College.
(c) His wife's discontent.
(d) The N.I.C.E.

2. What does N.I.C.E. stand for?
(a) Natural Instincts Considered Essential.
(b) National Insurance Company for Ethics.
(c) National Institute of Co-ordinated Experiments.
(d) Neutral Institute of Coincidental Experiments.

3. What is the draw for Bracton to sell Bragdon Wood to N.I.C.E.?
(a) They expect to be highly compensated for the piece of land and will be able to employ more teachers.
(b) They want to have closer contact with an agency that they don't trust.
(c) This sale will keep the college from going bankrupt.
(d) They hope to become an academic hub and to provide jobs for people in Edestow.

4. What is in the center of Bragdon Wood?
(a) A fence of stone.
(b) A very deep and mysterious well.
(c) A natural spring of tainted water.
(d) An old cottage said to once house Merlin.

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