That Hideous Strength Character Descriptions

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Mark Studdock - This character is a sociologist, and a member of the Progressive Element at Bracton College who changes greatly during the course of the novel and, by the end, finally gains self-awareness.

Jane Studdock - This character has dreams that reveal what is happening in the present within the N.I.C.E., as well as other places. This character joins a group of people who live at a place called St. Anne's.

Dr. Ransom - This character has disappeared twice in his life. One of those times he came back to say that he had been kidnapped and taken to the planet Mars. The second time he went to Venus, or Perelandra. This character cultivates peace within those that are close to him, both human and animal alike.

Mr. and Mrs. Dimble - This couple is part of the group at St. Anne's and...

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